You could see it. We connected. We practically Drifted right there, with everyone watching. It was even tighter in some ways than he and Yancy had been, because with Yancy, he’d expected to know what his partner was going to do. With Mako, there were no expectations. He was completely in the moment, riding the present, feeling each second of time…

She was his co-pilot. Anyone could see that.

Daily life fangirl-moments

I have an english test tomorrow and I’m reading Newmann smut fanfictions instead of learning vocabulary. I mean.. the fanfictions are written in english so maybe I can call it learning for the test too..? :’D
Probably I won’t need many words from the fanfic tomorrow.. but who cares xD
Edit: I wrote the test today and as I said I didn’t need any of the words from the fanfiction. Apart from one.. Stroking. …It was a story about a cat. xD


INKtober week 4

Went on to doing some more spontaneous underdrawingless concepts. Thinking these could go into a post -apocalyptic type world where giant demons from another dimension invades Earth, and the protagonist has the power to command one of them.

Day 22 : Gilgamesh, the Demon Blade
Day 23 : The Demon Samurai
Day 24 : A walking fortress
Day 25 : Atlas
Day 26 : Enki, the Demon Trigger
Day 27 : Zeus, Lord of the Skies
Day 28 : Selene, the Crescent Blade