The coat coloration of many dog breeds can go through drastic changes as the animal grows from puppy to adult. But in higher-content wolfdogs, just as with pure wolves, these changes occur with very few exceptions. All are born a dark uniform color ranging from earthy brown to black. You will never see healthy, well-bred higher-content wolfdogs born white, piebald, or with defined markings across their bodies and faces as you’d expect in huskies or malamutes.
Ivar was born looking a bit like a furry potato. Same size and coloration! His coat has now gone through several dramatic changes, and his facial markings, too, have evolved as he’s grown. Recently, I’ve noticed that his underfur, which was a tawny color in months prior, is loosing it’s hue and giving way to an off-white tint instead. He’s also developing a brighter streak across his shoulders, his V-cape is turning black, and the dark stripe down his nose is starting to become more blended, too.
I have no idea what he will look like as an adult at this point. But it’s been amazing to see how quickly the coat color changes occur! #highcontentwolfdog #uppermidcontentwolfdog #wolfdog #realwolfdog #nwpets #exoticpets #bestcoast #wolves #wolf #malamute #husky #wolf #arcticwolf #oregon #pacificnorthwest #oregoncoast #lincolncity #wild #waterdog #ocean #pacificocean #adventureswithdogs @dogs_of_world_ @puppysketch @puppystagrams @adventurewithdogs @campingwithdogs @bestwoof @hikingdogsofinsta @hikingwithdogs_ @dogs @world.of.puppies @by_wolves @paradisewolvesranch @wolfdog_shout_out (at Lincoln City, Oregon)

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