I do genuinely feel bad for people who get played and have someone leave after they get soke sex

But at the same time i have to continuously acknowledge that making someone wait for sex is an ineffective means of evaluating their dedication and true intentions and just generally an ill-advised idea

“A good horror story will frighten us, yes. It will keep us awake at night, it will make our flesh crawl, it will creep into our dreams and give new meaning to the darkness. […] Good horror stories make us look at our reflections in dark distorting mirrors, where we glimpse things that disturb us, things that we did not really want to look at. Horror looks into the shadows of the human soul, at the fears and rages that live within us all.” –GRRM

I reached the horror section of Dreamsongs a couple days ago and let me tell you, I am NOT looking forward to whatever dark trip GRRM is taking us on in TWOW. Just kidding, I need it more than ever!! GRRM knows how to tap into something primal and beam it directly into my nightmares. (I feel very uneasy about crabs right now.) 

Horrifying imagery aside, GRRM’s real strength is emotional horror. Beautiful things like love, and courage, and friendship, and hope die faster than Ned Stark when GRRM writes horror. Jealousy and hatred and rage win when GRRM writes horror. (Anyone else thinking “valonqar” right now because I am…. I keep saying it, the Lannisters are horrifying, and I love them.)

For example, I read GRRM’s “Meathouse Man” and the stories are very different, but I felt a resonance with Tyrion’s storyline:  

“Of all the bright cruel lies they tell you, the cruelest is the one called love.”

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170327 iKON’s instagram update with B.I

코니의 자니노니뭐하니 : B.I

저번 출국길의 마스크 내린 맘빈 🤗 요거는 #맘빈 보다 #아가빈 이 어울릴듯 🙆♂️ #꼬물꼬물해 💕

KONY’s Sleeping? Playing? What are you doing? : B.I

B.I with his mask down during departure 🤗 This is more like #BabyBI than #BI 🙆‍♂️ So cute 💕

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