if you hate a ship, that’s fine. no one cares. but don’t use real life problems to try to make people feel bad for shipping it. because the things you MAKE UP about it can be really triggering to some people. and they should never feel that way over a FICTIONAL couple. 

I’m glad they’re going to talk. 

Like, this update had me nearly in tears, but I’m not exactly worried. They’ve shown so far that they have really great communication skills, but this has clearly been weighing on Bitty for a while. It’s probably really bad for Bitty being around all of their friends all the time and having them not know, on top of hearing speculations about Jack all the time through the media. We’ve seen Bitty’s discomfort building for a long time, so I’m really glad we’re seeing him be open and upfront about it. My assumption is that they’re going to discuss who they can tell, because right now they’re both in a crappy situation and they love each other, but clearly some changes need to be made. Anyways, now it’s time for them to put all of that healthy communication skills that we’ve seen from them to use. 


wow finally drew some stuff again

160925 UPDATE

Cha Eunwoo will appear on SBS INKIGAYO for a special “Popular Songs Unplugged” performance.

He will perform (on piano) with Super Junior M’s Henry (on violin), B.I.G’s Benji, N.Flying’s Kim Jaehyun (on drums) and Day6’s Young K (on bass).

The 5 have chosen to perform Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” due to the song’s rising popularity in South Korea.

u know when tea is at the perfect temperature just below too hot and warmth radiates all through ur abdomen whenever u take a sip

js i dig that

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31 - winteriron ?? ( this would b very interesting )

Tony gaped at his naked date. He tried not to let his eyes rove over Bucky’s well-sculpted body, but Tony had never been skillful at resisting temptation, and right now Bucky’s body was the essence of the that.

The knowing smirk on Bucky’s lips, ignited something in Tony. In a move that so uncool and not the least bit confident or sexy, Tony reached for one of the sofa pillows and covered his groin. “I was not expecting this.”

Bucky quirked an eyebrow at the pillow hiding Tony’s bulge. He sooned schooled his features and returned to that lazy and confident grin. He strolled up to Tony, one hand coming up to touch Tony’s cheek. “Is someone a little shy?”

“More like my brain is fried.” Tony cut off a moan as Bucky’s lips brushed along the sensitive patch of skin just behind his ear lobe. Bucky made a soft yet satisfied sound then teased the flesh again, having found one of Tony’s weak points.

Tony slid his hands up Bucky’s chest. “This is nice and all, but Pepper will kill me if I sleep with you. She made it very clear that you are an escort and not a prostitute, therefore–”

Bucky yanked away from Tony, surprise on his face. “But I am a prostitute.”

Tony’s jaw dropped. “Wait. What?”