Dipper learned that he can’t force someone to love him 

Mabel learned to be less selfish 

Pacifica learned to be herself 

Gideon learned to be nicer 

Robbie learned to move on 

Wendy learned how to keep cool under stress 

Soos learned what true family was

McGucket learned that it’s better to forgive than forget 

Ford learned how important family is 

Stan learned how much he means to everyone 

And Bill learned just what happens when you mess the pines family 

Everybody learned something :) 

I believe that Pacifica used to be like Mabel

I mean, if you look at the image of a younger Pacifica and compare it to Mabel, you’ll see that Pacifica’s smile looks just like Mabel’s.

It seemed like Pacifica used to be like Mabel personality wise, but then her parents, not loving any silliness or fun of some sort, morphed her into a mean, spoiled, snobby brat. 

I mean just look at what they turned her into:

And yet, even though she may act like all these, she does have good inside her. But if she does something that her parents don’t like:

They ring a bell and punish her like with credit card banings. They abuse her and force her to do and act as they’d like her to. That’s why she was that way before.It’s truly sad and really makes you sorry for Pacifica. :(

Then Pacifica did something we all never thought she’d do.

She stood up to her parents and saved almost half the town. Now that’s really amazing. I’m so proud of her. :*)

She even started to act a little silly again. Pacifica finally has learned to just be herself and make her own choices and not let others control her. 

Now some may say that Pacifica still hasn’t really changed much because of these instances where she insulted Mabel when she asked why she was wearing a potato sack and refused to wear Mabel’s sweater, but still! She’s still not very used to things. 

Like look at later on:

She joined the gang to help save the townspeople

She joined the Bill Cipher wheel and didn’t completely back out

And attended Dipper and Mabel’s birthday party and gave them gifts! Does that still sound like a person who’s still a mean, spoiled, snobby brat?

I’m really proud of Pacifica. She really changed a lot from what she had been. She’s grown so much <3


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Dipper could have taken Ford’s apprenticeship 

But he didn’t 

Mabel could have stayed in her paradise land where she had everything she wanted

 But she didn’t 

Pacifica could have taken the offer to stay beautiful forever

But she didn’t 

Gideon could have let Dipper be captured and still be evil 

But he didn’t and turned to the good side 

Robbie could have just accepted that his life was over after Wendy left him

But he didn’t 

Wendy could have just stayed back and not go on any weird adventures 

But she didn’t 

Soos could have wished to meet his dad

But he didn’t 

Fiddleford could have not looked at his memories and never know who he was as he seemed scared to confront the past 

But he didn’t 

Ford could have stayed behind in Gravity Falls 

But he didn’t 

Stan could have just let Ford deal with Bill and let Bill take over the galaxy

But he didn't 

And finally, Bill could have taken over the world 

But he didn’t :)