A New Day Dawn, by StevenMichael

Samuel Boardman State Park ~ Southern Oregon Coast. It is not often that I get myself up out of bed to capture the sunrise, and I would really have to question my sanity to wake up at 4:00am to drive two hours and hike to a location in the dark and wait for the sun to come up. But, once such a grueling process gets rewarded with a beautiful coastal scene, all the above becomes irrelevant.

This was the morning of my 30th birthday. Can’t think of a better way to I could’ve spent that sunrise. We had just arrived on Maui the day before and I woke up early with a little jet lag, took one look at the oncoming light and drove to the beach. I got set up just in time for the color.  I walked along this beach in solitude just thinking about how I don’t feel any different being out of my 20s. #Hawaii #HI #Beach #Sunrise #Color #Pacific #IslandLife #Island #ArtsyHeaven #WildernessCulture #TheOutbound #SublimeWilderness #WarrenJC #ClymbLife #outside_project #discoverearth (at Ho'okipa Beach Park)