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Finally had some time to make this! I fell in love with the description of Ani in ‘Horizon Light’ by @glare-gryphon so this is my own personal interpretation. I’m actually not sure if there has been a description of his hair yet, but I just went with the mohawk haircut that I sometimes see in pictures of Hayden as I felt it fit well into this AU!

Not from any particular moment from the fic, just a general illustration. Also please note my hashed-together mech arm design, which is a bastardisation combination of Anakin’s actual mech arm from RoTS and the jaeger arm design of Gipsy Danger in Pacific Rim. 👍


New Pacific Rim 2 Jaeger Names & Designs Unveiled at Japan Expo 2017

Saber Athena Mark VI Jaeger Blueprint
Saber Athena Jaeger to be unveiled for Pacific Rim: Uprising. classified as a Mark VI Jaeger and seems to be closer in design to that of Gipsy Avenger; a lighter-build Jaeger. Like the previous incarnation of Striker Eureka, we assume Saber will possess similar attributes - rendering this Jaeger more agile and nimble than its bulkier counterpart - the next Revealed was the Bracer Phoenix Mark V Jaeger Blueprint
Bracer Phoenix, a Next-Gen Jaeger (Mark V) model has also been unveiled - but no accompanying figure was represented (yet). From the following blueprints however, we can assert that this Jaeger will mimic that of Pacific Rim’s Cherno Alpha - a heavier built Jaeger, capable of withstanding a heavy Kaiju assault.

My hobby: coming up with Pacific Rim Jaeger names and designs for iconic duos from wildly inappropriate media.

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  • Easy: Holmes and Watson
  • Standard: Jake and Elwood
  • Hard: R2-D2 and C-3PO
  • Lunatic: Pinky and the Brain