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this idea was on my to-do list since forever. did anyone else already did this? ffxv/pacific rim? O_o  cause it’s a crossover that kinda screamed at me.

I’m too lame to come up with a cool name for their Jaeger, so I just called it “Insomnia Comet” after their home n the most vital things that literally keep the lights on in Eos. N since they’re probs also stationed in Insomnia, their whole Jaeger crew would be dubbed “Kingsglaive” since they protect the crown city etc n the whole idea comes full circle  :)  

Originally I wanted them to wear Chucks n Hercs suits cause the Hansens are my favs n I’m still salty about Chucks death (n have little silly hopes they might pick up on the many “Chuck is still alive” ff’s for PR 2). but then I thought, if anyone wears the Hansen suit it might be probably Gladio n Iris or Gladio n Ignis. Maybe the story is there too that Gladio used to pilot with his old man, but then dad retired to be the kings bodyguard n Gladios new partner became either Iris or Ignis. N then there’s the most badass team (aka team “Russia”) which will be Aranea/Nyx ovo   soooo many idea, soooo little patience to draw it all :’‘‘‘D

I’m certain smn already did this but I don’t give a flying grayson~

have some PR/OW crossover where Jack used to pilot Lucky Seven together with Gabriel until shit went down n now Jack pilots Striker Eureka together with his adpted daughter Hana who is THE SHIT!! (srsly, I fight everyone who wants to tell me Hana couldn’t be Chuck in another universe. she’ll be less pissy towards Jack but they’re both genious teen Soldiers who were born to pilot a massive mech~)  n they’ll have a Yorki as doggo cause Yorki’s are dope n the little pup will spend most of its time sleeping in either jack’s or hana’s arms when they’re not training or fighting kaiju~

(ps. I am SO SALTY that neither Herc nor Raleigh will be in PR2! Like, wtf???? I was still in mourning over Chuck n now they take my other Hansen n the Golden Boy away??? whyyyy? D:)

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OTP’s from fandoms:

Hamilton:  Jamilton, Hamburrger?, hamilton/lafayette (I don’t know ship name)

RENT: Angel/Collins

The 100:  Clexa, Princess Mechanic, Jonty, , Murphamy,  Clarktaven,  Clarktavia

Orange Is the New Black:  Flaritza,  Pousoso, Vauseman

Harry Potter: Drarry

Lord of the Rings: samfro, aragorn/legolas,  Legolas/Gimli

The Hobbit: Bagginshield

The Avengers: Stony, Stark Spangled Banner

Captain America: Sam/Steve, Sam/Bucky, Sam/Steve/Bucky

Homestuck: John/Dave, John/Karkat,  Rose/Kanaya

Welcome to Night Vale: Cecilos

Supernatural: Sam/Anyone

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: madoka/homura

Attack On Titan: Eren/Levi, Eren/Jean, Eren/Erwin

Black Butler: Sebastian/Ciel

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Ed/Roy

Fruits Basket: Yuki/Kyo

Hetalia: Everyone

Merlin: Arthur/Merlin

Pacific Rim: Newton/Hermann

Teen Wolf:  Allydia, Kallison, Malydia, Sciles, McHaleinski, Stackson, Steter

anonymous asked:

hello! i was wondering if you have any sanvers fic recs? it can be hard to find the good stuff in the tag

i know what you mean, and i’ll try my very best to rec some good ones

first of all THIS masterpiece which is in a class of its own tbh


canon divergence

one shots

I have the superpower of unconsciously knowing exactly which character is going to die and making them my favorite.

The Fandoms: 6/9/16
  • Orphan Black fandom: "Hey, Where's Helena?"
  • Harry Potter fandom: "THE CURSED CHILDDDDDDDDD"
  • Doctor Who fandom: "Don't you....."
  • Sherlock fandom: "Forget about me...."
  • Game of Thrones fandom: "I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP....AND I WILL PUT MY HANDS UP, AND (strangle the necks of D&D should they screw up Jaime's character arc any further) SURRENDER..."
  • Marvel fandom: "December 16th 1991 ALSO WHAT THE WHAT IS GOING ON WITH CAPTAIN AMERICA"
  • DC fandom: "Suicide Squad's PG-13? Sad awwww..."
  • Star Wars fandom: (upon hearing that John's going to be in Pacific Rim 2) "Look at our boy Finn, all grown up..." (happy tears)
  • Star Trek fandom: "Comic CONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"
  • Supernatural fandom: "everybody stay calm...Everybody Stay Calm....EVERYBODY STAY CALM...EVREHSHSJDTYBURDY STERAY CARLM....."

What if I’m far from home?
Oh, brother I will hear you call.
What if I lose it all?
Oh, sister I will help you out!
Oh, if the sky comes falling down for you,
There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do.

Hey Brother/Hey Sister - Avicii.xx

Random Kaiju Generator!

by Michael Harrel

A system-agnostic, slightly Pacific Rim-centric (but useful for other settings), card-based giant monster creation aid.

Instructions: Draw 6 cards and build on the results.

Cards 1 and 2 - Animal Bases
The kaiju’s physical description should be a combination of these two animals; however, neither animal should be mentioned by name in your description. (i.e., if you’re describing Gamera, don’t just say “It’s a giant turtle with elephant tusks.”)

A Waterbear/Tardigrade
2 Blob/Gelatin/Amoeba/Jellyfish
3 Centipede/House Centipede
4 Slug/Leech/Worm/Bobbit Worm
5 Spider/Scorpion
6 Shrimp/Mantis Shrimp
7 Bacteriophage
8 Grasshopper/Weta/Cricket
9 Antlion larvae
10 Mosquito
J Fly / Wasp / Hornet
Q Dust Mite
K Coccolithophores/Radiolaria

A Bat / Vampire bat
2 Pangolin/Armadillo
3 Platypus
4 Giraffe
5 Mole/Naked Mole Rat/Starnose Mole
6 Porcupine / Echidna / Hedgehog
7 Bear/Grizzly Bear/Polar Bear
8 Boar/Pig/Razorback
9 Bull/Ox
10 Lion/Tiger/Sabertooth Cat
J Canid / Wolf / Hyena / Dog
Q Elk / Moose / Deer / Gazelle
K Elephant

A Bird of Prey/Vulture/Eagle/Buzzard/Hawk
2 Axolotl
3 Frog/Toad
4 Turtle/Matamata Turtle/Alligator Snapping Turtle
5 Iguana/Komodo Dragon/Monitor Lizard
6 Snake/Python/Anaconda/Viper
7 Dimetrodon
8 Pterosaur/Quetzalcoatlus/Pteranodon
9 Ankylosaur
10 Theropod/Allosaurus/Tyrannosaurus
J Therapsid (Estemmenosuchus, for example)
Q Mosasaur
K Plesiosaur

A Blue sea slug
2 Trilobite/Horseshoe Crab/Lobster
3 Anglerfish
4 Squid/Octopus/Cuttlefish/Dumbo Octopus
5 Praying Mantis
6 Dunkleosteus
7 Sea Dragon / Sea Horse
8 Jellyfish / Man o’ War
9 Shark
10 Demon/Dragon
J Trespasser Model
Q Trespasser Model
K Trespasser Model

Cards 3-4: Special Characteristics
Your kaiju will also have special attacks, powers, or other characteristics, which may not have anything to do with the base animals. (I.e., Gamera’s rocket propulsion is almost entirely unrelated to normal turtle behavior.)

A. Lamprey mouth
2. Tentacles!
3. Lots of horns/spikes
4. Wings
5. Camouflage / Invisibility
6. Sonic Weapon
7. Breath weapon
8. Pincers or Claws
9. Shape Changing
10. Long Jumping / Pouncing
J. Attack deflection
Q. Forcefield
K. Shockwaves / Tidal Waves

A. Miasma / Toxic fog
2. Burrowing
3. Constriction
4. Rapid Asexual Reproduction
5. Energy Drain/Absorption
6. Whip Tail
7. Multiple heads/mouths
8. Hidden/Retractable spikes all over its body
9. Several smaller kaiju hidden inside
10. Binding mucus / Hyper-sticky glue slime
J. Eye beam
Q. Sonic burst weapon
K. Hidden scythe-like arms

A. Psychic Blast / Forced Drifting
2. Self Destruct Mode
3. Parasite Injector
4. Mental Surge
5. Greater Darkness
6. Multidimensional folding
7. Resurrection/Healing
8. Tractor beam / Magnetic Field / Artificial Gravity
9. Very Long Tongue / Frog’s tongue
10. Acid Attack
J. Space warping
Q. Made of lots of tiny organisms
K. Field of darkness / Photon negation

A. Bone shards / Bone spikes
2. Size expansion/contraction
3. “Force” Slam / Push
4. Defensive Regurgitation
5. Explosive / Detachable Body Parts
6. Able to flatten itself / change shape
7. Biological or energy net, trap, tripwire, web
8. Speed boost
9. Extreme Temperature Control
J. Flight
Q. Mesmerization / Hypnosis
K. Biological chain-saw

Card 5: Category/Height/Weight
This card is fairly Pacific Rim-universe specific, so if you’re generating a kaiju for another setting, feel free to skip it. The card’s suit is irrelevant here.

A - Category 1 / 200ft / 2000 tons
2 - Category 2 / 200 - 300ft / 2000 - 3000 tons
3 - Category 2 / 250 - 350ft / 2500 - 3500 tons
4 - Category 3 / 300 - 400ft / 3000 - 4000 tons
5 - Category 3 / 350 - 450ft / 3500 - 4500 tons
6 - Category 4 / 350 - 400ft / 3500 - 4500 tons
7 - Category 4 / 400 - 500ft / 4000 - 5000 tons
8 - Category 4 / 400 - 500ft / 4000 - 5000 tons
9 -  Category 4 / 450 - 550ft / 4500 - 5500 tons
10 - Category 4 / 450 - 550ft / 4500 - 5500 tons
J - Category 5 / 500-600ft / 5000-6000 tons
Q - Category 5 / 600ft / 6000 tons
K - Daikaiju / > 600ft / > 6000 tons

Speed, Strength, and Armor start at 7 each. You may add a number of points equal to twice the Kaiju’s category, and may move points from one column to another on a 1-for-1 basis.

Card 6: Kaiju Name Type
The examples given are mostly Pacific Rim-related, but I feel like Pacific Rim had pretty good kaiju names and you won’t go wrong by following them. As in Card 5, the suit of the card drawn doesn’t matter.

A. Portmanteau (e.g., Ceramander)
2. Portmanteau (e.g., Ceramander)
3. Gods, Demons, Monsters (e.g., Raiju, Hundun)*
4. Gods, Demons, Monsters (e.g., Raiju, Hundun)*
5. Descriptive Compound Noun (e.g., Knifehead)
6. Verb with Negative Connotations Ending in -er (e.g., Tresspasser, Reckoner, etc)
7. Verb with Negative Connotations Ending in -er (e.g., Tresspasser, Reckoner, etc)
8. Archaic Insult (e.g., Slattern)
9. Horrible Pun (e.g., Scissure)
10. Ends in “-ra(s)” or “-(g/d)on/-an” (e.g., ‘Gojira”, “Gamera”, “Rodan”, “Megalon”)
J. Random Vaguely Negative Word (e.g., Hardship)
Q. Person Associated with Horror Films (e.g., Karloff)
K.  Portmanteau + Gods, Demons, Monsters (E.g., )

*For some Gods, Demons, and other Monster names, see:,,

Example Kaiju:
Codename: Moloch
Category: 5
Height: 500 ft  
Weight: 4000 tons
Speed: 10
Strength: 15
Armor: 14
Attack behavior: Savage and unrestrained.
Toxicity: Medium
Powers: Extreme Regeneration, impenetrable carapace, powerful teeth, claws, and tail
Weaknesses: Precious Few
City Targeted: Santiago, Chile

Description: Moloch has two large horns on its head, and a heavy carapace on its back, covered in spikes. Its main forearms are quite long, indicating that it may be partially quadrupedal. It has a prominent lantern jaw, and rough, reptilian skin. Its hands and fingers are long, with sharp, wicked looking claws. Its tail is likewise covered in savage spikes, and can be used as a whip.

Moloch’s carapace is strong enough to deflect virtually all attacks against it, and even should its shell be pierced, or a weapon aimed at its softer underside, its incredible rate of regeneration will heal the wound within moments – even to the point of regrowing lost limbs. Even when decapitated, the kaiju’s second brain takes over, and given enough time (several hours), the first head will grow back.

Want this in pdf? Here you go! 


Pacific Rim - the video game

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