mako asks him, one day, not far into newt’s rehabilitation, if he would have let the world end to save newt.

hermann feels something wreck between his ribs. his heart is on fire, dripping with blood and wax and burning so painfully for a man who does not remember who he is. he wants to say, i don’t know, or he wants to say, of course not no man is worth the entire world, but neither of them are true.

he knew he loved newt geiszler the moment he held him in his arms on the lab floor, swimming in the terrifying knowledge that life would be a darker place without him. he still knows.

hermann looks at mako mori, in her cast and crutches, new scars on her face, and feels sick with the love inside of him.

“i could never let him die,” he says. “my world would end either way.”

so i’ve been trying to figure out if the name of the command newt used to try to end the world in Uprising had any meaning. the screen said “command: Lima Victor 426”, which taken out of NATO alphabet is just “LV 426”. That’s the name of the planet (moon… whatever…) in the movie Alien. at first i thought it was just a shout out to another sci-fi franchise but then i remembered that the little girl character in Alien is named…. Newt.

idk if it was just supposed to be a way of showing newt’s nerdiness still shining through or if it was meant as a way to illustrate that newt is alone and overrun by aliens but i thought it was cool

Newt Geiszler?


@seaweedredandbrown drew an adorable Mewt Geiszler here and oh my gosh i absolutely fell in love with it, I had to doodle a few myself!! Thanks so much for letting me draw your Mewt, buddy, it was so fun- and i am now obsessed with fluffy tattooed tails (qwq)

This muffin nerd boy is of the hovercat species by @seaweedredandbrown themselves as well! They’re silly little cats who can be whatever you want them to be~

  • half of me: Hermann could absolutely be asexual. If people relate to that and see themselves in his character then he absolute could be. It only adds to his character and is very possible.
  • other half of me: People with disabilities are often forcibly desexualized by society so, it's kind of powerful to see so much art of him with his cane and being gay and in sexual situations without it being fetishized.
  • All of me: I love Hermann Gottlieb????

newt is a big anti-capitalist and super left-leaning but i get the impression that he’s not well-read in marxism and the like, and his politics are vaguely defined at best. he just knows in his heart of hearts he hates capitalism. hermann on the other hand is a staunch, well-read gay communist whose sexuality and political ideology are linked and he feels that the two are inextricable from each other. thanks.