Another prototype, this time a bracelet patterned off of the kaiju cultist iconography. 1″ is a wee bit too narrow for this, so the final bracelet will be a bit wider and have nicer ends. Here I’m experimenting also with normal dyes and then an antiquing glaze. Multiple finishes will be available at shatterdomeseattle and shatterdomeatl!

(This and the keychain will eventually make it online as well.)

Busy working on your PacRim cosplays? Don’t forget, we have an awesome grand prize for the costume contest – Sideshow Collectible’s Gipsy Danger statue!

Come join us at Shatterdome Atlanta, June 13-14! Hang out with your fellow PacRim fans, and meet our special guest,  Geoff Shaw, Pencil Artist for  Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero!

(Art by the amazing brainbubblegum)


Prodigal (27231 words) by Skull_Bearer

Fandom: Pacific Rim (2013)

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death

Relationships: Newton Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb, Raleigh Beckett/Mako Mori

Characters: Newton Geiszler, Hermann Gottlieb, Herc Hansen, Tendo Choi, Mako Mori, Raleight Beckett, The Masters, Original Kaiju Character(s) (Pacific Rim), Kaiju Character(s) (Pacific Rim), Precursors (Pacific Rim), Baby Kaiju (Pacific Rim), Original Jaeger(s) (Pacific Rim), Original Male Character(s), Original Female Character(s)

Additional Tags: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Mental Health Issues, Mental Instability, The Drift (Pacific Rim), Drift Side Effects, The Hivemind, Alien Sex, Alien Biology, The Anteverse, Jaegers (Pacific Rim), Jaeger Pilots, Suicide, Depression, Starvation, Mind Control, Mind Rape, There is no other word for it

Series: Part 6 of Anteverse Refugee

Summary: The war has dragged to a shuddering end. Everything and everyone is broken.

Pacific Rim Fic: Proposing to Human Disasters

Title: Proposing to Human Disasters

Word count: 1,535

A/N: Written for all you lovelies out there :D

The day had been perfect thus far—exactly as Hermann had planned. He’d been saving his energy for weeks now, gearing up for this outing, checking and rechecking and wringing his hands. They were here now though, at Hong Kong’s first reconstructed aquarium since the others had been destroyed six years before. The Kaiju had taken a lot from them over the decades. Hermann was pleased that Newton was able to get this back at least, small a thing as it was.

“This place is huge!” Newton gushed, bouncing on his toes. He wore a tank, jean shorts, and converse, showing off so many tattoos that the majority of children they encountered gazed at him instead of the exhibits. Newton didn’t seem to notice—or he didn’t care. He tugged Hermann towards a group of turtles, one sweaty hand clasping his while the other kneaded into the small of Hermann’s back, hurrying him along.

“Dude, we’ve gotta see the rays. And all the tropical shit… and the seals! You’ll love the seals. Floundering, grumbling babies that are really obsessed with fish—just like you, Herms. Oh hey, I think that one is waving at you. Sorta. Did you know their shells are remarkably similar in composition to the Level Two Kaijus’ armor? Of course you did. You read all my papers, you nerd. And man, you are sweating up a storm. Gotta be a grandpa even on the hottest day of the year, huh?”

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Worked up another batch of Kaiju Blue bath bombs. Most of them had to be molded by hand ‘cos the halves formed nicely in the mold but wouldn’t stick to each other. I need a spray bottle next time, I think. This batch used olive oil instead of castor and has twice as much blue dye as the previous batch, but half as much glitter. Otherwise it’s the same, including the essential oil scent blend. It’s drying in the closet at the moment; I’ll test out some of it tomorrow and see about getting the stuff to other people for testing as well. There will be pictures of the less lumptacular ones and I will try to get a shot or two of what bath water looks like when these things dissolve in it.