pacific procession

Zodiac Signs as The Pacific characters
  • Aries: Lena Basilone
  • Taurus: R.V. Burgin
  • Gemini: Bud "Runner" Conley
  • Cancer: Hamm
  • Leo: Lew "Chuckler" Juergens
  • Virgo: John Basilone
  • Libra: Sidney "Sid" Phillips
  • Scorpio: Merriell "Snafu" Shelton
  • Sagittarius: Robert Leckie
  • Capricorn: Eugene Sledge
  • Aquarius: Bill "Hoosier" Smith
  • Pisces: Andrew "Ack Ack" Haldane

Brotp: War Rig Jaeger Pilots

I was going to wait to post this because it’s actually 1/3 of a three-part crossover triptych, but I just heard the news that they’re starting filming of PacRim 2 this November AND my Mad Max Fury Road: Inspired Artists book arrived today, so I slapped some textures on this and decided to post it now.

E = mc²
Carolina Crown Drum & Bugle Corps
E = mc²

Carolina Crown performing their 2013 production, E = mc², at Pacific Procession in Santa Clara, CA. HIGHLY recommend turning your speakers up!!!

Alternative SoundCloud Link:

All rights belong to Carolina Crown Drum & Bugle Corps.


We’ll be at Pacific Procession on Tuesday! Will you?