pacific procession

Zodiac Signs as The Pacific characters
  • Aries: Lena Basilone
  • Taurus: R.V. Burgin
  • Gemini: Bud "Runner" Conley
  • Cancer: Hamm
  • Leo: Lew "Chuckler" Juergens
  • Virgo: John Basilone
  • Libra: Sidney "Sid" Phillips
  • Scorpio: Merriell "Snafu" Shelton
  • Sagittarius: Robert Leckie
  • Capricorn: Eugene Sledge
  • Aquarius: Bill "Hoosier" Smith
  • Pisces: Andrew "Ack Ack" Haldane

If the right really wanted to protect freedom of political expression (even of those they disagree with) they would support support legislation that does that and oppose legislation that attempts to restrict protest. Instead they vilify protests, call BLM terrorists, propose legislation that makes it illegal for protesters to wear masks, call for harsher sentencing for protesters, and joke about hitting protesters with their cars if they block roads. Whining about antifa on the internet is about the least effective way to protect freedom of speech. In my personal opinion it is also counterproductive, since fascist rhetoric proposes severely limiting expression. Its clear that majority of people complaining about antifa don’t actually care about freedom of political expression. This is a problem I often find with abstract ideals like free speech, pacifism, and democratic processes, everyone loves to fall back on them when they benefit the position they already support, but fail to mention them when they don’t. Its backwards and hypocritical.

Brotp: War Rig Jaeger Pilots

I was going to wait to post this because it’s actually 1/3 of a three-part crossover triptych, but I just heard the news that they’re starting filming of PacRim 2 this November AND my Mad Max Fury Road: Inspired Artists book arrived today, so I slapped some textures on this and decided to post it now.

E = mc²
Carolina Crown Drum & Bugle Corps
E = mc²

Carolina Crown performing their 2013 production, E = mc², at Pacific Procession in Santa Clara, CA. HIGHLY recommend turning your speakers up!!!

Alternative SoundCloud Link:

All rights belong to Carolina Crown Drum & Bugle Corps.


We’ll be at Pacific Procession on Tuesday! Will you?