pacific pole championships

I decided to use my art as a medium for social commentary on a very important issue. This routine was very personal for me. I’m proud of the skin I’m in and I will not tolerate ignorance ✊🏾 Black Lives Matter

I placed 4th at the Pacific Pole and Aerial Championships ✨ (this was a video my friend took :3 I’m excited to get the professional photos and video from the competition!)


Now that National Aerial Pole Art is over, I can freely post my winning Pacific Pole Championships (L4 Jr) piece. Incredibly honored to have worked with National champs Sergia Louise Anderson and Mary Kolacinski on this.

My first gold medal! 


The lovely Waeli Wang did this piece at PPC last week. If you enjoyed watching it, go to the youtube page to like it to vote for her in the first ever Brian Friedman Choreographer’s Cup. Waeli is an amazing dancer and choreographer and total deserves it! 


IT’S HERE!! *jumps up and down* My third place performance at Pacific Pole Championships 2013. 

My favorite–and most difficult move from my performance, the janeiro. :) 

Note to an other aspiring competitors/performers: It may seem like a good idea to put a really jaw dropping move as “the big finale” but keep in mind how tired you’ll be after 3-4 minutes of soul-spilling dancing. This was my last pole move in my routine and I was seriously nervous about pulling this baby off. I would mess it up about 15% of the time in practice. I had a bailout move, of course, but I really wanted to end with a flourish and I knew this move would help boost my difficulty score. In the end, it came together very well– mostly due to a lot of practice and repetition– but just be wary when planning a routine. It’s better to be safe and to do something simple and beautiful than potentially hurt yourself or mess up big time trying to do something crazy.