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“A P-47 Thunderbolt nicknamed “Spittin’ Kitten” of the 318th Fighter Group, 10th Air Force prepares for take off from an aircraft carrier USS Manila Bay in the Pacific.

Printed caption on reverse: ‘63748 AC- A Republic P-47 “revs up” its engine, preparatory to take-off from flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Manila Bay which ferried P-47s from Oahu to Saipan, Mariana Islands, 23 Jun 1944. Us Air Force Photo.'”

(IWM: FRE 9481)

Eugene Sledge Married Headcannons

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Anon:  Could you do married to eugene sledge would include please and snafu

  • You guys dated for years before he finally proposed
  • And you two were engaged for a year while your parents planned a massive Southern wedding
  • Neither of you liked the idea of a big wedding, though
  • So the day before the actual wedding
  • He contacted the officiant
  • And the two of you got secretly married at your local church in the middle of the night
  • With only Snafu there to witness it
  • And then the next day
  • You did the gigantic ceremony and had a reception filled with people you barely knew
  • And then went off to your honeymoon in the Florida Keys.
  • He is such a loving husband
  • Who makes sure to get you flowers whenever he’s away from you for a while
  • And he loves getting you jewelry
  • And presents in general
  • Basically he spoils you
  • And treats you like his queen.
  • The two of you rarely ever fight
  • And when you do
  • It’s usually over something small and stupid
  • And you make up within an hour.
  • Sometimes you won’t be able to find him in the house
  • Because he’ll be sitting on the front porch
  • With a lost look in his eyes
  • So you make the two of you some iced tea
  • And walk out
  • Sitting down next to him
  • And setting down the glasses
  • Which usually knocks him out of his trance
  • And he’ll look over at you
  • With so much love in his eyes
  • Because he knows that you’re the only person that could help him with this
  • And he adores you for that.