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“Church was in the drift, Church was in the drift. If Caboose could go back into the drift, he could get Church back, and then everything would be okay again.” -I’ll See You in the Drift by Hinn_Raven

My submission for the RVB Reverse Big Bang, which I partnered up with @secretlystephaniebrown on! @aquaberri and I originally started talking about an rvb/pacific rim au a while back, where Church and Caboose were drift partners until Church dies in battle and has his consciousness lost in the drift. @secretlystephaniebrown teamed up with me to write a really amazing fic for this prompt, so please check it out! 

EDIT: Now updated with third page! 

November is Native American Heritage Month! 

Indigenous peoples have been relying on and stewarding ocean areas for millennia. Today, national marine sanctuaries work closely with Native American tribes and nations to protect our natural heritage. Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, for example, collaborates with the Quinault Indian Nation and the Hoh, Quileute, and Makah tribes to ensure these Pacific Northwestern waters are protected for everyone. Here, a canoe is launched near Cannonball Rock. 

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I’ll See You in the Drift

Michael Caboose’s world fell apart when his partner Church was lost in the drift. But when Caboose turns out to be drift-compatible with Tucker, he might have a second chance to fix what once went wrong.

Hey! What’s up, it’s my first posting for the RvB Reverse Big Bang!

I had the absolute pleasure of working with @captainkonot on this project! You can find the comic they drew here, it’s absolutely gorgeous and it was such a delight working with them! Check out the rest of their work if you haven’t already, its all fantastic. 

Pacific Rim AUs are my JAM so I had a blast writing this; I hope to come back to this AU again, because I think there’s a lot of potential and so much story still to tell! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Thanks to my dear friend @sroloc–elbisivni for beta-ing this for me!

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Outside of Sheila, the storm crashed and howled. The waves were nearly up to Sheila’s shoulders, each one roaring as it moved around the jaeger and its enemy. The kaiju they were fighting was huge; bigger than any of the ones that Caboose had seen before. Bigger than the one that Caboose and Church had killed last month, surely. Had Dr. Grey said what kind it was before they had gone out? Caboose couldn’t remember.  

Church’s mind was twined with Caboose’s, comforting and present in a way that helped slow down his racing heart.

<Focus,> Church whispered in his mind, and Caboose’s concerns melted away, replaced by the laser precision that happened when he drifted with Church. <We can do this.>

Caboose nodded, and the acknowledgement carried through the drift to Church, even though he wasn’t looking at Caboose. They stepped forward in unison, and Sheila moved with them, plowing through the turbulent sea like it was nothing but bathwater.

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