pacific meme

John Boyega in Pacific Rim 2 - John Boyjaegar


  • ‘  when i was a kid, whenever i’d feel small or lonely, i’d look up at the stars. wondered if there was life up there.  ‘
  • ‘  tens of thousands of lives were lost.  ‘
  • ‘  this was just the beginning.  ‘
  • ‘  to fight monsters, we created monsters of our own.  ‘
  • ‘  we got really good at it. winning.  ‘
  • ‘  hey, kid. don’t get cocky.  ‘
  • ‘  please, after you. age before beauty.  ‘
  • ‘  you know what i’m thinking.  ‘
  • ‘  worry about yourself, kiddo!  ‘
  • ‘  ___, listen to me!  ‘
  • ‘  suits and ties, flashy smiles. that’s all they are.  ‘
  • ‘  bad news: three guys died yesterday.  ‘
  • ‘  well, orders are orders. what else am i supposed to do?  ‘
  • ‘  took me a while to find you.  ‘
  • ‘  i can’t have anyone else in my head again. i’m done.  ‘
  • ‘  haven’t you heard? the world is coming to an end.  ‘
  • ‘  so where would you rather die? here, or ____?  ‘
  • ‘  oh, no, call me ___. only my mother calls me doctor.  ‘
  • ‘  he was 2,500 tons of awesome. or awful. you know, whatever you wanna call it.  ‘
  • ‘  shut up. i don’t love them, okay? i study them.  ‘
  • ‘  things have changed. we’re not an army anymore, we’re the resistance.  ‘
  • ‘  i didn’t know it was this bad.  ‘
  • ‘  sorry about your brother.  ‘
  • ‘  you haven’t told me what i’m doing here yet.  ‘
  • ‘  numbers do not lie. politics and poetry, promises, these are lies. numbers are as close as we get to the handwriting of god.  ‘
  • ‘  politics and poetry, promises, these are lies.  ‘
  • ‘  and this… is the point where he goes completely crazy.  ‘
  • ‘  fortune favors the brave, dude.  ‘
  • ‘  they won’t give you the equipment, and even if they did, you’d kill yourself.  ‘
  • ‘  she’s one of a kind now.  ‘
  • ‘  i think you’re unpredictable.  ‘
  • ‘  you take risks that endanger yourself and your crew. i don’t think you’re the right man for this mission.  ‘
  • ‘  wow. thank you for your honesty.  ‘
  • ‘  one day, you’re gonna see that in combat you make decisions. and you have to live with the consequences.  ‘
  • ‘  you promised me.  ‘
  • ‘  vengeance is like an open wound.  ‘
  • ‘  to me, you’re dead weight. you slow me down, i’m gonna drop you like a sack of shit.  ‘
  • ‘  i’ve raised him on my own. he’s a smart kid, but i never knew whether to give him a hug or a kick in the ass.  ‘
  • ‘  it’s a dialogue, not a fight.  ‘
  • ‘  better watch it.  ‘
  • ‘  i’m not crazy. you felt it, right?  ‘
  • ‘  this is worth fighting for.  ‘
  • ‘  if you’re listening to this, well, i’m either alive and i’ve proven what i’ve just done works, in which case, ha ha, i won. or i’m dead and i’d like you to know that it’s all your fault. it really is, you know, you drove me to this. in which case, ha, i also won. sort of.  ‘
  • ‘  are you gonna say anything?  ‘
  • ‘  you look good.  ‘
  • ‘  like when you blink your eyes over and over and over again and all you really see are like, frames. it was emotion.  ‘
  • ‘  i’m okay. just let me control it.  ‘
  • ‘  you are a goddamn disgrace. you’re gonna get us all killed.  ‘
  • ‘  why don’t you just do us all a favor and disappear? it’s the only thing you’re good at.  ‘
  • ‘  so, what, you’re grounding us?  ‘
  • ‘  one: don’t you ever touch me again. two: don’t you ever touch me again.  ‘
  • ‘  now, you have no idea who the hell i am or where i’ve come from, and i’m not about to tell you my whole life story.  ‘
  • ‘  you know, you live in someone else’s head for so long… the hardest part to deal with is the silence.  ‘
  • ‘  well, that’s classified. so i couldn’t tell you. even if i wanted to. but it is pretty cool, so i might tell you. i’m gonna tell you.  ‘
  • ‘  jesus, we can’t just sit here and watch them die.  ‘
  • ‘  let me in, i’m a doctor!  ‘
  • ‘  we have a choice here. we either sit and wait, or we take these flare guns and do something really stupid.  ‘
  • ‘  as harsh as it sounds, there is no time to celebrate. we lost people. no time to grieve.  ‘
  • ‘  how sick are you? and why didn’t you tell me?  ‘
  • ‘  i haven’t exactly had a very good day, okay?  ‘
  • ‘  we’re gonna own this bad boy!  ‘
  • ‘  by jove, we are going to own this thing for sure!  ‘
  • ‘  today, at the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other.  ‘
  • ‘  today we are canceling the apocalypse!  ‘
  • ‘  as for you, well, you’re easy. you’re an egotistical jerk with daddy issues. a simple puzzle i solved on day one.  ‘
  • ‘  i just don’t want to regret all the things that i never said out loud.  ‘
  • ‘  well, my father always said, if you have the shot, you take it. so let’s do this.  ‘
  • ‘  all i have to do is fall. anyone can fall.  ‘
  • ‘  i can’t find his pulse. i don’t think he’s breathing.  ‘
  • ‘  no. don’t go. please.  ‘
  • ‘  you’re squeezing me too tight. i couldn’t breathe.  ‘
  • ‘  where is my goddamn shoe?  ‘

strikersindanger  asked:

Chuck and Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaleigh for that ask meme of course!

Yeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss. I like this.

So. I’ma answer for Raleigh first. The things I keep in mind when writing him that help me keep his character close to hand are:

1. Under everything else, Raleigh is loyal. If he takes you into his heart, you’re in his heart forever. He might be impetuous, he might accidentally get you into shenanigans, but he’ll also get you out of any trouble that might start. Even to his own detriment, he will save the people he loves if they can at all be saved.

2. Unfortunately, that means he takes his losses even heavier to heart, so when something goes wrong, it’s even more devastating. Whether Yancy is alive or not in my fics, Raleigh always feels like he has failed him, and that both steadies him and leaves him adrift, depending on the severity of The Yancy Incident. It informs his every move afterward, both tempering his impulsiveness and making him wary of allowing in new people all willy-nilly.

3. Finally, Raleigh may be carrying a weight of grief, loss, and guilt, but he is and will always be good-hearted and can always be coaxed to smile. He is a tragic character, yes, but he is also such a gloriously expressive one. We want to see him smile, not just because he deserves it but because he looks like the sun coming out after a storm.

Now, for Chuck:

1. The death of his mother is NOT the sole creator of his personality because the trouble in their family didn’t spring from her death. Herc and Angela had canon marital trouble stemming from his refusal to retire from or even scale back his involvement in service. Chuck was 10 years old when his mother died; he was a brilliant, observant child who would already feel and understand at least some of that tension, which would have already started some of the friction with his father. Thus, Angela doesn’t have to have died in a fic to have the same tense dynamic between Herc and Chuck. Which is good, because I like it when she lives.

2. I think a lot of Chuck’s sense of self-worth springs not only from his accomplishments but from forcing Herc to acknowledge them. Like the “he’s more my co-pilot, right, Dad?” snark in the mess hall scene. It’s not enough that he’s a record-setting kaiju-killing machine. He wants Herc to admit it. In my opinion, this comes not from his understandable-to-a-point anger at Herc for saving him instead of Angela but from an over-developed sense of survivor guilt. He wants to have been WORTH saving, worth his mother’s life. And he never feels like he is, though he comes close when Herc grudgingly admits he’s a badass.

3. Like Raleigh, I think Chuck is good-hearted under all the bluster and attitude and arrogance and rage. He proves it several times over - the little nod after the Double Event, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Raleigh and Mako while Stacker makes his speech, not putting up even a token argument about flipping the switch on his own death in hopes of clearing the way for someone else to grab the victory. He even readies his switch first. But he proves it nowhere better than in his relationship with Max. Dogs know, man. If Chuck really was an irredeemable jackass, Max wouldn’t have anything to do with him. Max knows all that is just surface camouflage and that underneath it, Chuck is a scared kid who wanted a life but knew he likely wouldn’t have it.


Those are the most important things I keep in mind any time I write these two. Their situations may change. They may be in an AU. Everybody may have lived, dead parents included.

But these things do not change. They are, to me, the bedrock of these two clownshoes we love so much. For me, this is why they are such endless wellsprings of inspiration for new stories.

They’re good characters, Bront.