pacific media expo

I need to talk about something very important here and I really need help with people spreading this around.

The man in dark blue is Erni “Dakuj” Kim. He was banned from PMX but was given a badge. My friend Torrie took this picture and got him kicked out of the con. We both have had issues with him and MANY others have to. I have posted this story on here before but it needs to be said again.

At Fanime 2015 Erni approached me in the hall for a photoshoot when I was cosplaying Madoka and I said yes. He led me to a secluded part of the convention and asked me during the photoshoot to SPREAD OUT MY LEGS. Because I had bloomers on and a bunch of petticoats… I did it. I was EXTREMELY uncomfortable but I did it. He recorded the whole photoshoot without my permission. He pestered me for 20 MINUTES for my phone number so he could “have more shoots with me in a hotel sometime”. He said the shoot would only be like 20 minutes long and it was like an hour long. A month after the con he sent me 4 PHOTOS OF MY FACE. Nothin below my shoulders was sent to me. This man targets underaged cosplayers. I was 18 at the time of the shoot but I’m often mistaken as much younger.

SHAME ON PMX for letting this man have a badge and walk around the convention. He has targeted so many cosplayers and who knows what he did at this convention.

Just finished my new Yuri On Ice art print! :D It’s hard to capture Viktor’s sexiness! I absolutely LOVE the opening song for this series and I’ve been listening to it on repeat the entire time I worked on this art. It’s such a great song. Makkachin is really cute too. Check out my tumblr for the lineart if you want.

I’ll also have this art as a print for sale this weekend at PMX! Please come say hi if you are PMX! It will  be my second time doing Artist Alley!


PMX 2012: Friday

A big thanks to all these lovely cosplayers who allowed me to photograph them! Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to taking many photos, but here are a few! Please feel free to steal/use them as you please, and let me know if you or someone you know is in these photos! I’d love to give you credit! =)

Princess Bubblegum - @vixenalabaster
Marceline - @alysonwonderland
Louise - @jazztea6
Celty - @gothicchii989
Applejack - @rappydemon
Rarity -  @elkaydee


Hey y'all. I’m gonna be at PMX this weekend! I’ll be at table B3, and I only bought a half table so uh. If you’re m3e21 you should let yourself be known so I can get to know you beforehand LMAO

ALSO TO ALL HOMESTUCKS/HOMESTUCK COSPLAYERS: COME FIND ME!!!! I’m going to be giving away stickers, mini prints, possibly some buttons, to cutie cosplayers and also I’m going to be a similar GIVEAWAY like I did at AX ;D
(I don’t have the gift bag ready yet but I’ll see if I can finish/take a picture before friday)