pacific islander heritage month


This was a video I was extremely excited to do!! May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, so I knew it was a great time to learn about some new people and facts in Asian American and Pacific Islander history and culture!! My friends join me and quiz me on what I may or may not know and we all learned new things! Hopefully you do too and enjoy!!

Growing up as a Filipino kid in America who loved reading comic books, I didn’t see original, leading Asian (especially Filipino) superheroes in the mainstream. When you don’t see yourself or your experiences reflected in heroes in pop culture, it’s damaging. Now that I’m older and see that not much has changed, I realize how important it is to create narratives for the underrepresented, especially the next generation of kids who don’t feel like they belong. In honor of Asian-American & Pacific Islander Heritage month, here is what I imagine a mainstream Filipino superhero in America might look like.

For Filipino-Americans and other Asian/Pacific-Americans:

Never be ashamed when that kid makes fun of your flat nose. When you compare it to other people, don’t envy them because of something you can’t help. Your flat nose, that’s who you are, and it belongs to you.

Never be ashamed when an older family member makes suggestions on how to be lighter. Your pigmentation has nothing to do with your worth, and embrace the warm chocolate or golden tint people burn in the sun trying to achieve. Your color is who you are, and it belongs to you.

Never be ashamed for when you break the small, petite Asian stereotype. We are more than our sizes, and your body should only be policed by you. In a world that stigmatizes anything over a size 8, don’t let those standards rule your mentality. Your body is who you are, and it belongs to you.

Never be ashamed if you can’t fulfill the perfect-student image. Life is more than grades and school, and you don’t have to fit into the Asian mold. Try your best, and even if you think that isn’t enough, even if you bomb that test, whatever repercussions come are temporary. Stay strong through the hard times, because your grades are not you. Your academic abilities are not who you are, and they don’t define you.

Never be ashamed if you feel in the middle between Western culture and your family’s original heritage. You could see it as not belonging to either, but why not see it as being part of both? If you are first generation, your own situation is vibrant between your home life calling back to your original mother country and your social life diving you into another world. If you were born here, you still have the opportunity to connect to a people whose blood runs through your veins. You’re culture is who you are, and it belongs to you.

Never be ashamed of being Asian/Pacific American. This life is yours, and it belongs to you.

hawaiianwonderwoman-deactivated  asked:

Hey! I just wanted to say, that as a Hawaiian-Filipino American, it was amazing to see your video about Asian American Pacific Islander heritage month tonight. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate it. 😃

Oh it was my pleasure to do so!!! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do all year!!! There’s still so many cultures we didn’t get to cover in this video that I hope to cover in future ones and I’m really psyched for it!!