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World’s longest-surviving castaway sued for $1 million after being accused of ‘eating his colleague

Jose Salvador Alvarenga — who famously survived after being lost at sea for 438 days — is accused of eating his colleague’s remains in order to survive, according to a $1 million lawsuit filed by the man’s relatives.
Alvarenga has long denied cannibalism claims, and his attorney believes the lawsuit was financially motivated.

When he set sail from the coast of Mexico in November 2012, he thought he was setting out on a two-day fishing trip, having paid 22-year-old Ezequiel Cordoba $50 to accompany him.
But a vicious storm with 10ft waves knocked out the 25ft boat’s communication systems, and washed their supplies overboard.

As their boat drifted, the castaways ate raw fish, uncooked birds and turtles, and drank their own urine, Alvarenga said later.
Cordoba wasn’t as skilled of a survivalist and fell ill after eating a bird. The partners later found a venomous sea snake in the bird’s gut.

Mr Alvarenga befriended the corpse, keeping it on the boat for six days and chatting to it, until he realised his own insanity and threw it overboard. “I could see my death was going to be very, very slow,” he said.

But against all odds, he survived. Mr Alvarenga washed up in the Marshall Islands, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in January 2014. Dazed and emaciated, he was found by a couple living on the island who took him in.
His story was initially greeted with incredulity, but accepted as truth once experts confirmed that his experience as a fisherman and physical strength would just about make survival possible.

'Wonder Woman' Merchandising Blitz Begins With Wal-Mart Campaign (Exclusive)

Gal Gadot’s arrival in “Man’s World” in this summer’s Wonder Woman remains a couple of months away, but she’s sent some advance scouts to prepare for her arrival, with the merchandising program for the next DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. movie already ramping up in stores.

Ahead of the movie’s release, Warner Bros. Consumer Products has teamed with Mattel to create a line of Wonder Woman toys, debuting Friday in a first-to-market release at Wal-Mart stores nationwide, as well as on As part of the monthlong program, which ends April 28, Wal-Mart will offer WW-inspired dolls and toys, including an exclusive two-pack set of Wonder Woman and love interest Steve Trevor. A further exclusive rollout of WW toys will follow in May, with products by Jakks Pacific, Funko and Fisher-Price.

Additionally, Wonder Woman merchandise from licensees including The Lego Group, Rubie’s Costumes, Bioworld, New Era, Hallmark and more will launch wide through multiple retailers internationally April 7.

“We’re thrilled to bring Wonder Woman front and center to retailers worldwide in support of her first solo feature film,” Warner Bros. Consumer Products president Pam Lifford said in a statement. “WBCP has developed an incredible assortment of trend-right products in collaboration with our best-in-class licensees, allowing fans of all ages to express their fandom and bring Wonder Woman’s empowerment, inspiration and beauty to life.”

Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman opens in theaters June 2.

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