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Executive decision: create an awards show exclusively catered to fantasy and sci-fi movies

all the films that don’t ever receive an ounce of respect at awards shows because they aren’t taken seriously as a genre finally get the recognition they deserve

the Harry Potter movies are praised for their visionary production designs and a music score more iconic than most movie soundtracks released in the past two decades

Force Awakens and Rogue One aren’t swept under the rug because they’re only seen as nostalgic entertainment and instead are recognized for their incredible acting and special effects

Pacific Rim is awarded the highest honor for editing and production work and CGi design because holy shit did you even see that movie?

The makeup and styling team for the Star Trek movies finally get their moment to shine after spending years designing and building intricate prosthetics and makeup looks in order to bring a diverse galaxy to life

John Boyega and John Cho host the night and everyone has a great time and I don’t end the night fuming over movies robbed of the love they deserve


My friend Daisuke in Japan just completed this incredible fan film. He shot it and did all the special effects himself using various techniques, and it’s extremely original with specially created monsters and mechas. Check it out, and get ready to see Godzilla literally vomit out Kamata-kuns.

He is quite honestly the most important scientist, or certainly at the highest level now, in the PPDC. He’s got a great budget for the first time in a long time, so he can do lots and lots of things in dark corners and get away with it … Where we find Hermann Gottlieb is as a man very much affected by what happened in the first movie in terms of his Drift and his communication he had with the Kaiju.
—  Burn Gorman, Pacific Rim: Uprising panel NYCC 2017
Mass Effect/Pacific Rim AU - So how did your species deal with pre-spaceflight breaches before you worked out how to close them?
  • Asari: We made a biotic barrier over the opening so powerful the kaiju hit it and died on arrival. All thanks to this prothean bea- I mean our own sheer awesomeness.
  • Turian: We surrounded the breach with our entire military forces and blew up each kaiju before they could get anywhere near our cities. Not that it would have mattered since they were all empty because like I said, everyone was already at the breach.
  • Salarian: We bio-engineered a toxin specifically to kill the kaiju and worked out how to perfectly predict their arrival patterns so we could disperse the toxin just before they came through. This had huge unforeseen yet totally predictable consequences for years to come.
  • Krogan: Two words: thresher maws.
  • Quarian: We didn't have to deal with that because the geth drove us off our homeworld for no good reason! But if we did we probably would have made our geth slaves deal with it.
  • Human: We built giant robots so we could fight them in hand to hand combat!
  • Everyone: *turns to stare at the human*
  • Human: What?
Common Animal Associations in Witchcraft Part II

Part I

Armadillo - Trust, peace, pacifism, complexity, sensitivity, curiosity, introspection, protection.

Badgers - Determination, eagerness, strong will, focus, strategy, defense, independence, confidence.

Bobcats - Awareness, cunning, intellect, patience, playfulness.

Buffalo - Gratitude, abundance, consistency, strength, stability, blessing, prosperity.

Bulls - Virility, strength, stamina, confidence, fertility, determination.

Camels - Endurance, transport, survival, conservation, adaptivity, obedience, temperance, humility.

Cheetahs - Speed, passion, progress, assertion, evolution, perception, opportunity.

Coyote - Skill, instinct, transformation, inventiveness, intelligence, resourcefulness.

Elephants - Reliability, dignity, power, royalty, pride.

Giraffes - Vision, beauty, mystery, patience, elegance, cleverness, discernment, cooperation, gracefulness, gentleness.

Gorillas - Communication, loyalty, leadership, compassion, intelligence, nobility, responsibility, nurturing, connectivity.

Hedgehogs - Energy, vitality, uniqueness, resourcefulness.

Hippopotami - Emotion, assertiveness, diversity, greatness, expressiveness, creativity, territory, supportive.

Koala - Memory, pleasure, magick, calming, trust.

Lion - Wisdom, power, royalty, dignity, courage, justice, ferocity, dominion, authority.

Monkeys - Honor, instinct, community, swiftness, good luck, playfulness, wildness, intelligence, action.

Moose - Agility, gentleness, solitude, visions, sensitivity, adaptability, discernment.

Otters - Joy, curiosity, dexterity, friendship, creativity.

Polar Bears - Skill, magick, strategy, isolation, transition, extremes, humanity, vigilance, independence, motherhood, determination, contemplation.

Pumas - Action, strength, nobility, patience, silence, decisions, leadership, guardianship, self-assurance.

Rams - Power, force, drive, energy, virility, protection, fearlessness.

Reindeer - Travel, surety, service, guidance, sensitivity, exploration, opportunity.

Rhinoceroses - Achievement, heightened senses, inner resources, self reliance.

Skunks - Defense, prudence, confidence, awareness, pacification, effectiveness, good judgement.

Wolverines - Power, attitude, courage, war, defense, confidence, uncompromising, determination, resourcefulness.

Zebras - Freedom, wildness, social, willful, durable, adaptable, determination, community.

A couple years ago I had the privilege of going to a seminar in which John Knoll talked about his experience on Pacific Rim. Apparently the scene where Gipsy Danger punches through the building and taps the desk with the Newton’s Cradle was a nightmare to film. The office itself was a miniature so they really only had one take. But of course it goes wrong when the chroma key battering ram that would later be replaced with the robot fist didn’t go through all the cubicles. They rebuilt what they could but apparently there was still some visible damage when they reshot it. He said you can’t really see it in the final film, which was a big relief.

newtmann; physical contact in deleted scenes

Topi’s Daily Card #1079:  Kulrath Knight

With -1/-1 counters being all the rage nowadays, perhaps you need something for your Scorpion God deck that also deals with things like Hapatra or even a local Atraxa deck.  Kulrath Knight not only puts -1/-1 counters on things it deals damage to, it forces those creatures into a pacifism effect.  Of course, this works with any counters, so +1/+1 counters, charge counters and various other counters that go on dudes all work on shutting down creatures.  IT’s this kind of creature that can totally hose the right opponents, so add this guy to your own decks if any sort of counter deck is becoming an annoyance in your local group.  


Climate change may seem far away in some parts of the world, but for Pacific Islanders, its effects are very real. In August 2016, anthropologist Jennifer Newell led a Constantine S. Niarchos Expedition to the Marshall Islands to study how communities there are reacting to flooding, drought, and other effects of climate change, and how they are navigating an uncertain future.


Probably not: Instead, I recommend a solid palm-heel strike.

Curl your fingers back and hit with the meat of your lower thumb and palm. Drive through with your body weight; hit with your entire mass, not just your arm. It may be marginally less powerful than a true punch, but is safer for you, which means you can do it more often without damage. Driving through with the bones in your forearm without having to worry about all your carpals and metacarpals will be a huge relief! Sure, focusing all the strike on two knuckles is more devastating, but think of your forearm as a battering ram: keep it simple and brutally effective.

Alternately, throw an elbow. It may be closer quarters, but elbows are great because they’re like a blade of bone AND hard to damage. Catching a fist is bad, catching an elbow is devastating. Be devastating! At worse you’ll have a cool bruise! Your elbows are tough. REALLY tough. Like you can break multiple faces with them.

QUESTIONS: Violence is bad! Is this moral? What if Nazis are peacefully demonstrating? Pacifism is more effective!

Friend, there is no such thing as peaceful Nazis, neo-Nazis, or white supremacists. Anyone who advocates genocide is by definition not peaceful, and their open advocacy of genocide IS an act of violence. While we’re fretting over punches vs palm-heel strikes, they’re preaching ethnic cleansing. One mo’ time for y’all in the back: OPENLY PREACHING GENOCIDE IS A VIOLENT ACT, AND MUST BE MET ACCORDINGLY.

And yet, actually not a lot of people are terrorizing the alt-right until they start it first, and that’s fine. A few Nazis got rightfully chased, GOOD, but most anti-fascists have been standing as human barricades around peaceful protesters, and guarding clergy, and not starting any fights, but are willing to finish them. Because guess what? Violent extremists like Nazis kinda have a habit of mowing over peaceful folks and destroying their causes, and if you want to stop them, some people need to fight back or else. See History for further details.

Support peaceful protests, learn how to distribute first aid, do whatever you can if you abhor confrontation – there are dozens of places for these very important roles. But don’t fool yourself:

Peaceful protest is always the goal, but it’s also a privilege purchased by those who put their bodies in harm’s way first, so YOU could feel safe. Peaceful protest has almost always been met by violence. I hope none of you are ever in situation that requires reciprocation, but if you are? Palm heel strike, y'all. Right to the nose and throat.