pacific daylight time

i will see your body bare / and still i will live here

a post-grimdark/grimlight recovery playlist for @rosemarymonth​ day 7! 

a burning hill, mitski / various storms and saints, florence + the machine / heart swells/pacific daylight time, los campesinos! / lights on, darwin deez / i was married, tegan and sara / i will, mitski / you’re my light, the blow / rainbow, kesha

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lyrics under the cut

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DAY 01: Favorite Scene

You know, for beings without hearts, there sure was an undercurrent of resentment and bitterness in their scenes together.

Mar. 27, 2017 | 10:47 AM PDT

I started this blog a little over three months ago, and WOW I have 300 followers?!  As a huge thank you to all of you, I will be doing blog rates and lettering requests!


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    • Blog rates: Let me know how your day has been, any favorites (subjects/classes, books, movies, food, music, etc.), a funny joke, bad pun, or pick-up line — literally anything!
      • If your studyblr is a side blog, please provide the URL within the brackets in [br].
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    • Lettering: Favorite color, plus the name or URL you want lettered

Note:  Please send asks off anon; leave the “ask anonymously” checkbox unmarked.

The celebration ends on April 30, 2017 at midnight (Pacific Daylight Time).

Posts will be tagged under #narglestudies celebration, in case anyone wants to blacklist it.

Pretend this never happened if this doesn’t get any more than 10 notes.

Hogwarts OWLs-styled blog rate format under the cut:

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A lucky shot. by Steven Rosenow
Via Flickr:
A shot in which I hope isn’t the last I catch before the window of prime imaging opportunity passes for the gas giant. The skies here in the Pacific Northwest have been absolutely brutal for astronomers since October. This is the best 45% of 6500 frames stacked in AS!3, using a Nikon D5500 DSLR and a ten-inch Meade LX200 f/6.3 Wide-Field telescope. Image acquisition done through recording a series of 55-second MOV files, converted over to AVI using ffmpeg.exe utility. Acquisition settings were through manual ISO control on the video, with 1/160 shutter speed equivalent at IS06400, at 60p frame rate. Effective f/ratio is approximately f/25, @ approximately 6500mm to 7200mm focal length. Magnification provided by a custom-modified barlow lens (essentially a lens element grouping out of an old Soligor Nikon F-mount zoom lens), fit into the rear cell of the telescope. Image is uncropped from the final AS!3 output. Note Io and Ganymede. Skies fogged up within minutes of capturing this at 1:15AM Pacific Daylight Time. The GRS had just begun rotating into view when the fog rolled in, which forced me to pack it in for the night. Final processing done in Registax 6, then post-processing done in Adobe Photoshop CS6 and then Lightroom 6 for the final touchups and export.

The stage play love hasn’t stopped!! Looks like they’re going to be airing the Inuyasha Stage Play on TV again, this time on Fuji TV NEXT

A little short notice, but it airs tomorrow at 22:00, which is actually going to be early morning for anyone in the US (tomorrow at 6 am for those in pacific daylight time)


I believe the play is all online now, but if anyone is interested in finding a way to watch this, just let me know! :D


let’s destroy eachother// a kakuhida mix

“you may act like you hate me, but you really like me, don’t you?”


Hearts Swells/Pacific Daylight Time - Los Campesinos! // Kute - Alex G // I’m Still Your Fag - Broken Social Scene // Madness - Muse // Bridges - Fox Academy // Tim Wish You Were Born A Girl - Of Montreal // Breezeblocks - Alt J // Love In The Time Of Human Papillovirus - Andrew Jackson Jihad // Fucked Up Kid - Broken Social Scene // Bottled - Seahaven // I’ve Given Up On You - Real Friends //


@spiteandsparkles @leaveharmony On the west coast, we’ll set our clocks back at 2am, and the preshow starts at 12:40am, before we set the clocks back; the time change will happen during the show. So on the east coast, the preshow would start at 2:40am, bc you will have already had your time change.

So the show still starts at 3am just like NJPWWorld says! They did account for it, it seems like (notice that EST and PDT are only 2 hours apart instead of 3! They even correctly did Pacific Daylight Time but Eastern Standard Time!). It’ll start at 2am Central, Second 1am Mountain, and First 1am Pacific.

I made you a chart because I love you and i am extra about everything always:

Tenderness in War: a fanmix for Damen/Laurent

Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time — Los Campesinos! // You’re Gonna Love Me — Lana del Rey // Boats & Birds — Gregory and the Hawk // Name (Acoustic) — The Goo Goo Dolls // All Around Me (Acoustic) — Flyleaf //  His Thunder — Little Comets // Iris (Cover) — Sleeping with Sirens // Talk Me Down — Troye Sivan


HEYOOOO~ ALL!!! (O wO) SO!!! some of you may recall that i initiated a tiny event last Monday that i dubbed Micro Fic Monday!!! Well!!! i promised that i would draw my favourite submission and here we are! <3 <3 <3 @zaera-d​ is the winner this week!! <3 <3 <3 though… i do have a second, long form, piece i want to do too! but it’s three pages and will have to wait a bit! (^ O^) hahhaa! this was the Ask she sent:

Kylo buried his face in Millie’s fluffy fur, ignoring the cat’s protests at his near suffocating hold. “It will be fine, Kylo.” Hux said again, trying in vain to comfort the insecure knight curled around his cat. “If anyone says a thing I will have them tried for insubordination.” A moan came from the head of thick, dark hair. “I miss my helmet. The hood isn’t enough.” Hux let out a sigh and knelt. He gently kissed Kylo’s ears, each on in turn. “You’re beautiful. Don’t be ashamed.”

SO CUTEEE~!!! (^O [ ]O)^ so H/C!!! <3 <3 <3 i love insecure Kylo!!! ADORBS!!! so, i hope you like it Zaera!!! (-^ O^-) Thank you SO much to everybody who took part!!! i loved them all so much! it was very hard to pick just one! <3 I’m looking forward to tomorrow and hope many of you will take part again! <3 <3

Remember, Micro Fic Monday also has a micro time-window! It’s from 330pm-1230am PDT (pacific daylight time)! Any submissions i receive outside of that time frame will not be counted, so don’t send them the moment you wake up tomorrow or anything! hahaha! (-^ O^-) I will make a master post at the start of the event with more details! Thank you in advance to anybody who submits pieces! I can’t wait!!! MUCH LOVE!!! <3 <3 <3

HEAVENLY BODIES → a happy birthday post-game joshneku mixmix for my most wonderful pal ven!!  LISTEN ART CREDT

i. stranger than earth // purity ring ii. lungs // chvrches iii. all there is to say about love // bike for three! iv. gimme sympathy // metric v. cough it out // the front bottoms vi. eat shit and die // electric president vii. starring // freelance whales viii. death as a fetish // starfucker ix. heart swells/pacific daylight time // los campesinos!

lanquey  asked:


children of god - ajj
heart swells/pacific daylight time- los campesinos
locket - crumb
o valencia! - the decemberists
eighth wonder - lemon demon

You Will Like My Good Playlist. You Will L

All I want - A Raikou/Gau playlist 


I would do anything for you - foster the people / all i want - kodaline / boats and birds - gregory and the hawk / northern wind - city and colour / breezeblocks - alt-j / such great heights - iron and wine / heart swells pacific daylight time - los campesinos! / Tuck the darkness in - bowerbirds / nothing’s wrong - architecture in helsinki / shostakovich piano trio - deannalye

☆listen here ☆

I’m a synesthete and see music as colour! 

My art aims to bring the joy of your favourite song to life on paper. I literally paint what I hear and love that I get to be a part of something as important to people as their favourite music. 

After getting such a warm welcome on tumblr I’ve decide to say thank you with a giveaway!

So, are you a music and art lover? Looking for a unique addition to your collection or a special gift? This is for YOU! For those interested, I also do children’s illustrations and fandom pieces.

Anything on my Etsy store is up for grabs, including custom pieces!


First Place: $100 to spend at notyourSigourney on Etsy
Second Place: $50 to spend at notyourSigourney on Etsy
Third Place: $30 to spend at notyourSigourney on Etsy

+ free shipping worldwide for each prize!
(Prizes are $AUD)

What you need to know!

  1. Follow me at notyourSigourney on tumblr to be eligible for entry!
  2. Reblog to enter the draw :D Every reblog will count as an entry so reblog for over the course of the competition for extra entries.
    UPDATE: I’ll be counting 1 per day per person as of July 28
  3. No ‘giveaway blogs’ please!
  4. Remember to have your ask or submit open so that I can contact the winners.
  5. Giveaway ends at midnight August 23rd PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).
  6. Winner will be chosen with a random generator.
  7. Winners will be contacted and announced on August 24th.

Good luck! Looking forward to spreading the love! 

anonymous asked:

How would you sign "you would" or "I would" etc.? I know there's no real analogue but how would you go about it?

here are some links to ways that people sign WOULD: link 1 link 2 I have seen a variation of this as a W is turned to a D. 

HOWEVER, this is Signed English as Dr. Bill writes: 

In a message dated 10/3/2005 6:42:46 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, romulin101@  writes:

I saw somewhere [on some other website – not here] that the sign for “would” is a “W” at the chin (palm towards the face) pulled back an inch or two then changed to a “D.” Any comments on that? ( I don’t see a “would” sign in the ASLU Dictionary section. However, I was thinking that if we can sign “Should” [by signing “have to” twice], then we should be able to sign “would.” But what do I know, right?)

Dear Romulin,

The sign you describe is used in Signed English.  It is not used for conversational ASL.

In ASL, the concept of “would” is often expressed indirectly or you use a sign that reflects the intended meaning.

For example suppose you wanted to say:

“I would like to see that movie.”

You would sign:


“I would like you to come” = “I WANT YOU COME”

“I wouldn’t know” =  I DON’T-KNOW

“I wouldn’t mind if you…” = “I DON’T-MIND …”

“I would never go there” = “I WON’T GO (negative head shake).”

“Who would like one?  I would!”  =  "WHO WANT?  "raised hand"

- Dr. Bill

Ghostland Observatory - Sad Sad City // Dan Mangan - Starts With Them, Ends WIth Us // Cat Power - Cross Bones Style // GodWolf - Another Me // The National - Slow Show // Electric President - Mr. Gone //White Lies - Death // Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun // Los Campesinos! - Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time

A random mix of songs I’ve been listening to while reading and writing McDanno fics.