pacific 30 day meme


Day 15: Favorite Scene - John Basilone’s speech to his men about their lack of respect towards the enemy. 

“That’s what the enemy is to you, huh? A fucking buck toothed cartoon dreamed up by some asshole on Madison Avenue to sell soap. Well, let me tell you something, the Jap I know, the Japanese soldier, he has been at war since you were in fucking diapers. He’s a combat veteran, an expert with his weapon; he can live off maggoty rice and muddy water for weeks and endure misery you could never dream up in your worst nightmare. The Japanese soldier doesn’t care if he gets hurt or killed; as long as he kills you. You can call them whatever you want but never ever fail to respect their desire to put you and your buddies into an early grave.”


Day 26: Two Details About A Character You Love - Sidney Phillips, friendship with Eugene and pragmatism.

“How did all this happen? I mean, look at us Sid, sitting here at a dance drinking punch, not a scratch on either of us. I mean, what the hell are we doing here? And, why … why did I end up back here when all those other fellas didn’t?”

“I thought that. Every guy back has thought that. But you’ve just got to pull yourself out of bed every morning and get on with the day. And, you do that enough times in a row you forget some things. For a while anyway.”


Day 7: Scene That Makes You Angry - Marines taking potshots at the Japanese soldier.

This scene fills me with a helpless rage. My anger is not directed towards Leckie but rather at the fact that Leckie is put into a position where he has to make this kind of decision. The actions of the Marines are vile but hardly suprising and it won’t be the last time we will see Americans treat the enemy as less than human. But it doesn’t make it any less wrong at how callous they are. The others are clearly uncomfortable about what’s taking place but none of them put an end to it. Leckie’s actions are brave and in my opinion compassionate. 

Day 12: Most Shocking Scene - Snafu takes the gold fillings from the Japanese solider’s mouth.

It takes a lot to shock me, especially in war dramas where brutality is expected. This, however, made me physically recoil from my screen. But it illustrates well not only Snafu’s character but the dehumanization of war. 


Day 2: Least Favorite Character - John and Marion Leckie

While not cruel or hostile towards their son they both come across as emotionally distant and unsure towards their son. Indifferent and stand-offish parents are my biggest button pusher. And, I never quite forgave his father for being more concerned about a car axle than his son going to war.