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CSX L090-12 - Deshler, Ohio by Tyler Pate
Via Flickr:
Eastbound CSX “Salad Shooter” Train No.L090-12 races across the CSX Toledo Subdivision in Deshler, Ohio, with Union Pacific GE AC44CW No.5731 leading a 508 axle train.

Sweet Summer Playlist

i’m trying to avoid studying so i put together a list of songs that make me think of the summer. i hope it brings happy visions of warm days on the beach 🌴

1. keep your head up - ben howard
2. first - cold war kids
3. antelope - the dirty heads
4. cabin by the sea - the dirty heads
5. sound of change - the dirty heads
6. undertow - iration
7. long hot summer - keith urban
8. ends of the earth - lord huron
9. fairytale - milky chance
10. sweet sun - milky chance
11. sunshine - pacific air
12. fade away - rebelution
13. good vibes (feat. lutan fyah) - rebelution
14. the sun ii - snakadaktal
15. once upon a time - soja
16. talking to myself - soja
17. weight of sound (feat. tj o'neill) - stick figure
18. dawn of time - tribal seeds
19. renegades - x ambassadors
20. islands - the xx


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My mind is blown.

I just finished the 850 follower celebration!! I went to see how far we were from 950 for another celebration and WHAT THE FUCK?! 

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I’m going to open this up to as many as are submitted by NOON Friday, May 12, PACIFIC TIME, regardless of whether it is 3 or 30. 

American Aircraft at Pearl Harbour


During the attack on Pearl Harbor a few of these P-40 Warhawks managed to get airborne and score a few kills against Japanese aircraft.


Along with the P-40 some P-36 fighters managed to get in the air on the day as well. These fighters manged to get themselves at least two recorded kills on zero fighters.


There were about 14 P-26 peashooters based on Hawaii luckily none were destroyed.


A few B-17 bombers where stationed in the area at the time, at the end of the attack 4 B-17′s remained undamaged.


Although by ‘41 the B-12 was no longer the best of the bombers the US had there were still some stationed at Hawaii during the attack. By the end of the attack 3 remained undamaged. 


At the time of the attack there were 33 B-18 bombers stationed on Hawaii none of which managed to get in the air in time, at the end of the attack only 11 remained of the 33.


There was one photo reconnaissance variant B-24 at Hawaii but it was destroyed during the attack.


A few of the A-20 Havoc bombers were destroyed during the attack. After the attack on pearl harbor the surviving A-20 Havoc’s were sent out in search of Japanese ships.

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