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In contrast, the golden retriever trope highlights the idea of cooperation, especially men cooperating with women — not to show off or to save them, but as the way they’ll succeed. Women aren’t important to the story because the male character is interested in them; women are important to the story because they are vital to the plot and the plan against the enemy.

“Golden Retriever” Movies: Cooperation and Trust in Action w examples from Pacific Rim, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Pacific Rim

Some screencaps of Hermann’s memories in the Drift, before his eye merges into images of the Breach.

It’s possible that he wanted to be a pilot and undertook the eye tests, but he must not have passed them. Or he did pass them, but his leg/something else prevented him from flying. Unable to meet the physical requirements of even flying a plane let alone a Jaeger, he then focused his energy and intellect into the science program instead.

I can imagine his Father not being impressed with his desire to be involved in the Jaeger program -  Why pilot scientifically advanced machines to help save the world when you can help me build a wall instead?

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Hi! I know a lot of people are concerned about the name of Gipsy Danger, since Gypsy is in fact a derogatory slur for the Romani. Has there been any consideration to renaming GD to something that is not offensive?

Candidly, it was meant to be a nod to the de Havilland engine. The pejorative context isn’t a usage I’ve had much cultural experience with. But I certainly wont presume to tell anyone what should or shouldn’t offend them. I can only apologize for my ignorance, offer my assurances that it was not our intent to propagate any hurtful stereotypes, and promise to be more careful in the future.