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Oh my god….. The Addams family is an interracial family, I mean, probably multiethnical talking in general of the whole family tree, but the main family is a white and latino family of at least 3 generations on a roll…how I never though of this before?!!?

Gomez clearly is a latino hispanic man, and not just because he is acted by Raul Julia on the films, many people probably sees Gomez and just think of him as the typical spanish dream lover man, specially with the ambiguity of the canon conserning his parentage, but since the comic strip he is portrait in a very easy recognizable latino messy look there, even more dark tan than the conventional skin tone of other characters, while depending the version of his character on tv and movies, his eccentricity is presented in a pachuco style, being vivid and very loud to contrast of the family more calm but just as strange weirdness, HE IS TOTALLY LATINO!

And the kids, Pugsly and Wednesday depending the version they would have the same skin color as him rather than be white pale like Morticia, specially Wednesday who in different versions she resemble more Gomez than Morticia and whoes design make you think is meant to look like a pilgrim girl, her hairstyle is as well an EXTREMLY common and traditional one in Mexico too, so really there is actually quite easy to consider all of this and notice the patterns.

So Gomez being in fact latino, either born in America or moved there later in life, means that the main addams family line maybe had at least a couple of generations in which they lived outside of USA in not-so-past times and went into living at some latino american country, and depending the version, again, concerning Gomez relation with his parents and Grandmama (who in the original comicstrip it says she was presented as Morticia’s mom, but then ambigue retcon of she being now Gomez’s and sometimes Fester’s) now make even plausible consider that he AND Fester were born from an interracial family too, with Fester taking more from the mother’s look but also the common Addams family trails of “sickly spooky pale white“ from the father own biracial origen (unless he took his wife’s surname, if not then he is the one of the atcual Addams bloodline) , while Gomez taking completely from the father’s side, both physically and attitude.


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