The Forgotten Story of Japanese American Zoot Suiters

By Ellen D. Wu Sus Kaminaka was a zoot suiter: one of the many young people in 1940s America who embraced a distinctive, working-class urban aesthetic characterized by flamboyant fashions and irrev…

 So I saw this piece sunday night as it has began spreading, its is very informative, interesting and very exiting! In the past I have read and heard about the Japanese pachuco or “Pachuke” in Boyle Heights and parts of Lincoln Heights here in Los Angeles. I also have read in Luis Alvarez 2008 “Power of the Zoot” where there is an account of the Nesei  "No No Boys" as they united as a form of resistance in the interment camps at Tule Lake due to Executive Order 9066. There  is only one picture I have ever seen of the Japanese “No No Boys” Or Pachucke.  I would love to see the Japanese Community Share these images as I know they must exist. The Pachucada, The Pachuco, the Pachuke or Zoot Suiter  is a vital part of a connective historical tissue shared and the perfect intersection between two peoples in the Barrio of Boyle Heights. Today to  know more clearly that the Japanese American “Nesei” and The Mexican American “Chicano” shared a similar experience through the declaration of Style as a form of resistance is so exciting and one more piece to a great puzzle. These young men and women created style as weapon against the social, race and economic marginalization of their  Communities and now there is more to connect us today in a historical struggle as well as the great perseverance as we own and embrace our histories together. 

“The Power of the Zoot (Style as a form of resistance) lies in its ability to make an invisible man/women undeniably seen & recognized to a world that believed they did not exist." 

-John Carlos De Luna

Aka (The Barrio Dandy) 

An Evolved Pachuco

So please if you have any pictures contact me directly so that we make add to our archive of "Zoot Suiters’ Pachucos ” Pachuke “ in East Los Angeles. 


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