pacha kuzco

For a long time Kuzco was content to be just the heir to one of the largest investors to the Jaeger program, donating tons in resources and funds to the cause, but when he realized just how much fame and popularity the pilots were getting, he signed up and demanded to have the best Jaeger of them all. All throughout training he kept on getting his ass handed back to him.

Finding a drift partner was near impossible because no one wanted to deal with his attitude or highly demanding needs. Along comes Pacha. A husband and loving father, extremely patient and although not willing to take any of Kuzco’s shenanigans, is calm enough to work through them. Their Jaeger (Officially called the Gilded Emperor, but often called the Gilded Llama behind their back due to the odd shape of it’s head) is indeed one of the best. It is extremely good at climbing, and quite agile for it’s size. Kuzco would never admit it outside the drift, but he wouldn’t want to be paired with anyone else. 

9/?? of my Disney Jaeger Pilot Series