I really love how like everything from Castaways to when Eddie comes back and the first half of the finale were all written with a Dawson/Joey endgame in mind and as like scraps for the Pacey/Joey shippers but then they DO end up together so all it does is give us more ammunition especially since Joey didn’t have any kind of same scene with Dawson in the finale as she did when Pacey kissed her on the dance floor.

Nor did she and Dawson ever have a healthy conversation about their relationship (altho it was two seasons too late grrrrrrrr)

4.20 “Promicide”

This is probably my least favorite episode. My heart broke when Pacey said all those horrible things to her and it made me hate him, and he is my favorite character. Even though I know they end up together it doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking. 

I just don’t understand how they can go from being so in love with each other just a few episodes before this to him saying that he grows less in love with her the more she grows more in love with him. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I just think that he was trying to so hard to make prom perfect for her and when everything started to go wrong he was more mad at himself than he was at her for not caring about any of those things that went wrong. All she cared about was just being with him and he didn’t see that. To him he wasn’t good enough for her, this girl that was going to an Ivy League college. Even though she loved him for who he was he still didn’t feel good enough because he was failing school and was not going to go anywhere with his life. I think he was just trying to find a reason to break up with her because he wanted her to find someone better than him.