Pace Orientation was amazziinngggg.

Everybody there is soo artsy! and outgoing! They put on a show for us and everything.


What it consisted of :

  • Running all over the building
  • A SHOW!
  • sooo much more!

Our orientation leaders:

One of the stages:

View from my dorm:

That’s like not even half of it!


How to Stay Organized in College

By Hannah Rodriguez ‘15. Hannah is a junior transfer pursuing a BBA in Global Marketing Management.

Many students come to college unsure of the social and academic balance. We are all focused on doing well in school, meeting new people, and getting that dream internship! All of this can make you stressed if not properly planned out. I have listed some of my organization and planning tips that get me through each semester.

1. Carry a planner with you at all times! I’ve had many cases where employers have called me asking to set up interviews, and thanks to my planner, I can sort everything out while on the phone.

2. Create folders for every class with the syllabus highlighted. This has helped me when I need to go back and study. Trust me, it helps!

3. Highlight special events on your calendar. I strategically plan deadlines for myself (for internship applications or anything else) and highlight the deadline in a specific color so I know it needs to get done.

4. Every night before I go to bed, I take out everything I need for the following day. I also make a to-do list that sits on top of those items. This helps me start the day with everything I need.

5. Give yourself “me” time. I never used to do this, but I’ve realized taking those few extra hours to do nothing but what I want to do allows me to recharge and stay focused on my goals.

This post is part of a new series written by members of the Lubin Social Media Ambassador Team. Stay tuned to learn more about how our ambassadors are living the #LubinLife!

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You have the right to get really really excited. Inside the Actors Studio is proud to welcome a very special guest on Tuesday, August 5: Law and Order: SVU’s Mariska Hargitay.

Ticket information

Pace Students

  • Pace BFA/BA Performing Arts majors: Please join the Performing Arts Majors standby line which forms along the hallway adjacent to the Schimmel balcony. A Pace ID admits ONE and you must be in line in order to receive a ticket. This is a standby line and does NOT guarantee admission.
  • All other Pace students: Please join the Pace student (non-Performing Arts) standby line which forms along the hallway adjacent to the Bianco Room. A Pace ID admits ONE and you must be in line in order to receive a ticket. This is a standby line and does NOT guarantee admission.

Friends/Family outside the Pace Community
Friends, family, etc. who are not part of the Pace Community should join the general standby line which forms outside of 3 Spruce Street. Again, admission is not guaranteed.  Should tickets be available, it is ONE ticket per person.

I didn't wanna say I hate it here BUT

I hate it here.

  • I have no one I can truly call a friend - everyone is so flaky or trying way to fucking hard
  • I have high standards and I either find people seriously annoying or I just become their temporary - “I need something” friend
  • I find so many people annoying or wanna-be’s
  • the educational value here sucks and about 80 percent of the people are no where near school oriented
  • I find myself starting to get really fucking mean.
  • I guess I still need to find that perfect friend - someone goal orientated, looking to have a good time that involves visiting museums and seeing things -besides clubs, that the city has to offer, indulging in alcohol from time to  time without wanting to get white girl wasted, just going for walks around the city, hanging out and talking for hours, similar interest in stupid shows, someone I can actually talk to.

But whatever, I should be telling a therapist this not tumblr. I hate college, well this one anyway. I just want this semester to be over so I can fucking leave.

  • I hate college
  • I hate not having a bestfriend
  • I hate that everyone is head over heels in love with my roommate and think shes the coolest funniest person in the world (she uses 9gag for her jokes)
  • I hate it
  • I hate when her friends come into the room, and they look at me as though I’m nothing or act like i’m not even there
  • They probably think I’m a loser because I’m always on my laptop doing hw, or studying or reading
  • I hate when people knock on the door asking for my roommate and looking like their world comes crumbling down when she isn’t here, like go find her your fucking self.
  • I miss when people adored me, and wanted to be my best friend
  • I miss being able to be myself
  • I can only be myself with my boyfriend, and my best friend Kimberly who doesn’t go here
  • I miss people who I can have a decent conversation with
  • I miss people with common sense
  • I miss getting good grades
  • I miss being the smartest person in class
  • I miss wanting to actually learn
  • I miss classes I enjoy
  • I miss my family
  • I miss being active at school and in clubs
  • I’m going to Queens College open house, hoepfully its everything I wish/hope it is.