04th december (2016) - 10.28 pm // when you want to have a productive day but mother nature stabs you in the uterus // i got my periods today and as usual : it hurts like hell. // (fr) ok alors j'ai pas fait tout ce que je voulais travailler aujourd'hui, il me reste la RMN et les lysosomes. bref, je vais continuer à bosser jusqu'à 23h30, j'espère avoir fini ce que je veux finir à ce moment là. //

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I've seen and heard the name "Marius" pronounced different ways. Is it "Mare-us" or "Mary-us"? If it is "Mary-us" the answer is hell yeah Ill marry you boo❤️

Lestat: Marius, look at this.

Marius: “Mah-rius.”

Lestat: What?

Marius: My name– it is pronounced “Mah-rius.” You called me ‘Marry-iss.”

Lestat: What’s the difference?

Marius: One is my name; the other is not.

Lestat: *grumbles* Oh shut up old man.


[^Lee Pace as Thranduil, has a Marius vibe here, at least physically]

I’m not even going there re: you wanting to MARRY him bc he is one of our more insidiously Problematic characters. @anton-mordrid had a good write-up about him here

The pronunciation of his name is up for some debate; it isn’t explicitly defined in canon. Les Mis fandom ppl - who also have a Marius in their canon - tend to pronounce it “MAHR-eeus” with more emphasis on the first syllable. 

I’m not a scholar on Roman history, either, so someone who is can chime in on this, bc it would probably be that way. I’ve always pronounced his name “Marry-iss” which I’m sure is totally wrong, but sounds right to me :-P

On my way to the supermarket a guy suddenly stepped in front of me and started yelling that I should look at where I’m walking. Mind you, I was walking in a straight line, while he stood still before he started stepping in front of me.

And then on my way back I kept getting followed by a homeless guy because I wouldn’t give him any money. He also started shouting at me before he finally went away.

I can already tell that tonight is gonna be a fun night /sigh/


I would die for you
I’ve been dying just to feel you by my side
To know that you’re mine

I will cry for you
I will wash away your pain with all my tears
And drown your fear

I will pray for you
I will sell my soul for something pure and true
Someone like you

See your face every place that I walk in
Hear your voice every time I am talking
You will believe in me
And I will never be ignored

I will burn for you
Feel pain for you
I will twist the knife and bleed my aching heart
And tear it apart

I will lie for you
Beg and steal for you
I will crawl on hands and knees until you see
You’re just like me

Violate all the love that I’m missing
Throw away all the pain that I’m living
You will believe in me
And I can never be ignored

I would die for you
I would kill for you
I will steal for you
I’d do time for you
I would wait for you
I’d make room for you
I’d sail ships for you
To be close to you
To be a part of you
‘Cause I believe in you
I believe in you
I would die for you

I’ve been thinking about Jared’s Joker and I think the problem was he was mostly portrayed as being lovesick for Harley and didn’t get much chance to show what he’s like outside of that. He really didn’t get a chance to be the Clown Prince of Crime and instead got pushed to the side as an ultimately irrelevant and unimportant side plot.

He didn’t really get a chance to show off why he’s so feared in the criminal underworld. You didn’t get to see the Joker’s dark sense of humor (or what he considers humorous). He was pretty limited by the story itself. No matter how much work went into making Jared’s version of the character, the story didn’t really give the Joker a chance to show what makes him the Joker.

So a lot of it comes from the misuse of the Joker within the writing itself. Leto could’ve done a much better job in the part. It’s just that script didn’t really do him any favors in order to really show off who the Joker is. Doesn’t change how I feel about the laugh or his appearance, though.


Emergency medicine😐… Can it get any crazier?
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