A pace counter is a simple abacus used to count paces, ie, every time your left foot hits the ground. You get a good measurement of what your pace is, and you can use it to measure off how far you’ve walked. They’re particularly useful if you’re walking around at night. When you get to the amount of paces that equals 100 meters, you slide down one of the top beads. When you’ve reached 1 kilometer, you slide down one of the lower beads. When all four lower beads have been slid down, and you’ve slid down the last of the upper beads, that means you’ve reached 5 kilometers.

I decided to make one out of some Tibetan skull beads I have. I have two different kinds. I “believe” one is carved from human bone and one is from buffalo horn.

I had to ream them out in order for the cord to go through. Unfortunately, one or two of them were reamed a little too much and they tend to slide a bit more than I’d like. I was tempted to take them off and replace them, but getting them strung on the cord was such a monumental pain, I opted to just leave it as is. I made it more for fun than anything else. I have other pace counters that I would use in real life anyway.

Tech Tuesday: Carsten Nicolai’s sound installation Particle Noise uses Geiger counters to measure radiation flow inside the exhibition, distributing them in space via a four-channel sound system. True to the artist’s form, the work is another example of otherwise unnoticeable phenomena shifting to become an audible soundtrack of our surrounding environment.

The strength in Neuer’s argument lies in the fact that his performances go beyond these numbers, and he is so much more than just the man between the sticks for club and country. What has been most striking and startling about his play in the last year or so has been his role as the ‘Keeper Sweeper’, ‘False 1′, or anything else you may want to label his playing style. The 28 year old’s average position on the field last season was outside his area. Most keepers would be very uncomfortable in a such an area, and would be advised to stay in their own box. However, led by Guardiola and Low, two very intelligent managers, Neuer has taken this step and added an extra dimension to his game.

Tactically, this is vital for his teams, and both tend to play with high defensive lines, leaving a lot of space in behind. Opposition teams are encouraged by this to hit the ball in and counter with pace, but with Neuer standing so far out, and attacking through balls aggressively, opposition teams have had their attacking space behind the defence reduced. It also adds another element to the way these teams play out from the back. Neuer as a keeper does a lot of footwork in training. Consequently, he isn’t just a spectator in his team’s initial build up phase. Instead, the keeper is often a participant. The addition of this extra man can be such a huge boon for Guardiola and his side.

Neuer truly is a symbol of evolution, and a step closer to universality among footballers. The idea behind his role, and the changing role for keepers, is one for the future, as teams will look to press and keep play in the opposition area. While players like Ronaldo and Messi have been incredible as usual, the idea behind Neuer, and the execution from the player, possibly deserves the award more this year.

—  x Argument for Manuel Neuer

ITS Tactical - Knot of the Week

Grab yourself some cord. Find a comfy chair. It’s time to learn some new skills…

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The Headless Horseman by Matt Stemerman
Via Flickr:
This was my second party this year, and the first to where I came strictly for photography and essentially this parade. It is probably the hardest thing I’ve attempted to photograph to date just given the fast paced movement countered with being low light. Just sitting there and rapid firing, I got maybe 3 usable shots of the Horseman, through 2 parades. So it’s definitely a fun test but man the hit rate can be discouraging. Thanks for looking! Instagram - Twitter -

Something Sweet

Chapter 6

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Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 2400

Warnings: food mention, swearing

Every day Christmas crept closer and closer, the cold seeping in to Natalie’s skin as she worried over the upcoming holiday. She had already purchased gifts for her brother, his boyfriend Dylan, and her dad, but she felt like she was forgetting something important. The anxiety of it sat heavy in her stomach and seemed to weigh more against her as the hours of the day wound down.

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Breakfast Table (Steve X Reader)

You walked through the hallway towards the kitchen and saw everybody on the dinning table.

When Clint saw you, he began to wolf whistle, “Well, well look who decided to wake up now after a long sleepless night?”. He raised his right eyebrow, and placed his hand on his chin, giving you an inquiring look.

Natasha grinned while she sipped her coffee.

“Barton.. Um.. I guess we should leave her alone..” Bruce said uncomfortably.

Steve just kept reading his newspaper without any interest.

“Y/n… Why did you do this to me? You broke my fragile heart ! You… You… Heartbreaker ” Tony turned his head away and pretended to wipe his tears.

“What are you talking about Barton? And Tony stop overreacting.” You said it as you paced towards the kitchen counter to get yourself some coffee.

Clint cleared his throat and then started shouting in a high pitch voice, obviously trying to imitate a you.
“Oh Steve! Stop! In the name of the Lord! Please! Have mercy on me! It pains! Aahhhhh….. Aah… Steve stop it! Oh God! Steve… steve…. STEVEEE……!!!!”

Steve, now understanding the context, stopped reading the newspaper and looked up at you. At the same time, you stopped making your coffee, turned around towards the crowd and stared at Steve. You could see the redness in his face becoming more evident every second and he could see yours.

Finally when Bruce cleared his throat, you snapped out of the staring contest and shouted on top of your lungs.

“OH MY GOD CLINT! YOU BASTARD ! YOU DIRTY SCOUNDREL !” You ran towards Hawkeye, who now quickly got off his seat and began running around the dinning table.

As you were chasing Clint around, Thor entered the scene with his thundering voice, which made you and Clint stand still in fear.


Tony who was pretending to bang his head till now, stopped right away, gulped and then whispered to Bruce, “I am not involving myself in this. They can take Y/n if they want to. No hard feelings.”

Bruce sighed

Thor caught Steve’s T-shirt by the collar and pulled him up.

“Thor calm down. You don’t understand -”


Steve glared at Thor, pushed his hand away and without thinking he retorted back in a serious manner.

“Oh yeah? You think your great because you’re some kind of God? Better than me? That y/n should choose you because I am just some plain human being? Let’s see that for ourselves today.”

Steve was about to punch Thor when you screamed out loud. “GUYS. STOP IT !”

Everyone now shifted their attention towards you. You paused for a moment as you were gasping for air. Then you took a deep breath and started explaining the whole situation.

“Thor, Steve stop fighting. Everybody it’s just a misunderstanding. Nat you remember a few days back I told you that I had a boil and that it was paining .” Natasha nodded in confusion. “Yeah so yesterday the pain was unbearable, and since I couldn’t burst that myself as it was in a compromising position, I asked for Steve’s help since he was just passing by my room. And you all know, how strong he is, so when he was operating on me, it was so much painful that I shouted. And thats what you all heard.” You rolled your eyes when you finally finished narrating the story.

Thor let go of his angered zeal and smiled away.


Steve lowered his hand, eased himself and on realizing that he was about to fight for you even after knowing the situation blushed at the thought. He put his hand behind his neck and started rubbing it as he apologized Thor.

“Um.. Sorry Thor, I should have controlled myself”

Thor hugged Steve and lifted him off the ground.

Clint was rather disappointed, “Geez man, I never you would be so lame, y/n.”

You slapped his head.


“For the record, I would’ve have totally fought for you y/n.” Tony grinned at you.

“You’re such a liar Tony.” Nat replied, as she had heard him before whispering to Bruce.

Bruce just shook his head.

“Oh shut it Tony.” You sneered.


Extended ending

Everyone was peacefully eating breakfast, when Clint casually asked you.

“BTW y/n, where was this compromising position of your boil?”

You froze for a moment, your temperature rising. You looked at Captain America right across you. He was frozen too, and was red as a tomato.

“Ugh… Ugh….-”

“She had it in her ugh…. Ugh…”

Clint gave a look of confusion, gesturing with his hands.

Thor began to give Steve dubious looks.

“Oh my God, Capsicle saw y/n’s butt!!” Tony shouted in despair.

Bruce threw out the coffee from his mouth.

“Oh boy. Here we go again!” Nat muttered underneath her breath.


FX Pace Counter

No Ranger Beads required.

For this FX (field expedient) project you need the following:

  • Sharp Knife
  • 7ft Cord (ideally 550 Paracord)
  • Lighter

Cut the cord into two lengths measuring 4ft and 3ft.

Fold the 3ft length in half and measure 6 inches from the loop.

Tie an overhand knot at the 6 inch mark then a second overhand knot 6 inches down - you will have two overhand knots evenly spaced 6 inches apart.

Now gut the 4ft length of cord and cut into 13 pieces each measuring 4 inches. These will be used as the pace counters.

Loop and secure 4 pace counters between the first overhand knot and loop and 9 pace counters between the two overhand knots.

Caution: Take care when melting the paracord as it can cause burn injuries.

Tip: When melting the cord use the side of the lighter to extinguish the flame and apply slight pressure to flatten the end. This will also secure the pace counter.

If required Pace Counters can be custom made to order.


Subject: Pace Counter

Lucas just improved this Liverpool side so much. His presence calms the team down when in possession, frees up all the more attacking players to roam and to break with pace on the counter-attack, without the defensive shape suffering like it does whenever we don’t play a real DM. Seems like such a basic, intuitive thing. Haven’t got a clue why anyone would think trying to offload the only true DM at the club is a good idea.