The Little things in Life
The Little things in Life

Noticed @bunny-king was having a bit of a tall problem with some people so…. heheh figured Sans would like to weigh in with his two cents

Hey, whats wrong? What? You’re upset cause people are taller than you? Even me? heh Oh come on, its not
that bad. Besides, the best things come in small pacakges, and i think you’re the perfict size. heh

reverescent-deactivated20160607  asked:

hey, i was hoping you could l help me out a bit? i'm vegetarian and i barely eat dairy/eat other animal products and i lovelovelove vegan food but the problem is, where i live it's hard to get organic stuff and if it's good, it's expensive as heck. i really wanna go vegan, but i'm still in high school and am at school until 4 every day, and there aren't a lot of options at school. do you have any tips on slowly starting / easy vegan meals that arent too hard to do and i can take to school?

it dont have to be organic!!! but yeah um ethnic stores are the best to get shit at because they are super cheap!!!! also buying in bulk helps, like a big bag of rice or dry beans. i get a lot of canned beans bc im too lazy to cook them and i eat at elast one meal a day w them!!! and you can take them to school bc not messy. defo start meal prepping be it on the weekends or the night before. my fav fastest ones are:

  • chickpea sandwiches 
  •  black bean tacos (just heat up a can or whatever of black beans and corn the night before and put in a tupperware w some tortillas)
  •  i also used to take pasta salad like most days bc its so easy ont he weekends i would boil hella macaroni and/or rotini noodles and put them in a container and then the nights or mornings before school i would throw some with greens and veggies (spinach, bell pepper, purple onion, tomato, and kale were my go-to) and salad dressign w soem croutons in a ziploc baggy and ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • and sometimes if im lazy, too ill eat ramen noodles like my dad buys a huge ass box everytime my siblings come over of the orange pacakged ones and what ill do is throw away the season packet, boil those noodles, and make my own sauce with olive oil, garlic salt, soy sauce, and broccoli!!!! cheap and fast n easy peasy lemon squeezy. 
  • another easy one is garlic rice. its just cooked white rice(or brown idk) and you smash up a clove of garlic, brownt he garlic in a pan w some oil, add the rice, and eat w some peanuts, my Filipino pal made that shit for me everyday it has SO much protein andi ts sooososoosos good and took like 5 minutes (INVEST IN A RICE COOKER AND HAVE SOME RICE IN THERE EVERDAY LOL).


adorable grumpy bb gadreel charm from consulting-cannibal and adorable spn stickers and cute asexual plant-loving white witch boy from chromehearts who also drew the adorable tiny!demon!dean on the pacakge uwu THANK YOU THANK YOU BOTH OF YOU!!! uwu

so happy!! idk what to stick the stickers to tho. and i’m kinda afraid to stick them to anything i just wanna look at them lol

ad;lfjakdjflad mY PRECIOUS BABIES i’m so happy these are all so cute!! u3u and super good quality