pac12 football

This is a tale of how a quiet weekend with my good friend from grad school turned into a huge PAC12 football party at my house.

Grad school friend’s husband is opposing PAC12 team alumni. We trade years visiting each other’s for the game. This year it’s here, so we’re hosting the couple and their two Little’s. No biggie. +4.

Then hubs’s brother and his family said they’re also coming into town for game. +5 for BBQ.

Then hubs’ brother’s friend and family also announced coming into town. +4 for BBQ.

Then we ran into hubs’ best friend since kindergarten at the park, and now his family also coming over. +4.

20ppl total. I’m glad this was spontaneous, otherwise I’d be melting down.

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College Football teams and their stadium: Pac-12


He’s not an NFL prospect, he’s an NFL for-sure. He could start in the NFL right now.“-Jim Mora 

Marqise Lee is one of the top Wide Receiver prospects entering the NFL Draft.

  • All-American 
  • Biletnikoff Award winner (BEST WR in College Football)
  • Track & Field: Long Jumper & Rely Runner
  • Proficient in Sign Lanuage