pac maze

And here’s my attempt at a Ms. Pac-Man alt, to go along with the palette swaps I submitted a while back. The design is primarily based off of her appearance in Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness (her equivalent of the Pac-Man World series), with a few elements from her other appearances.

— afrokid251 / Crumplehat

Ooooh, this one is very well done!  Much nicer looking than the one we made a while back.  Thanks a lot for sharing! :D


Sakurai’s Daily Screenshot - July 4, 2014

“Pac-Maze is a stage exclusive to the 3DS version, created in the Pac-Man motif. If you eat 100 Pac-Dots, Power Pellets will appear in your color.

If you eat a Power Pellet, the monsters will become vulnerable and you can defeat them just by touching them. An important point is that the monsters will become vulnerable only on your screen, which means that they can still damage your opponents!! This is one of the unique game features only possible in the 3DS version.” - Masahiro Sakurai


Sakurai’s Daily Pic - July 4

Awesomeness.  Here we finally get more information on the Pac-Man arcade stage and boy is it awesome.  Similar to Golden Plains, the objective is to collect 100 Pac-Dots for your chance to become more awesome.  It is awesome that the characters are only vulnerable on your screen showing that some parts of the game are going to be partially visible on certain screens for the 3DS version.  It really is a cool feature and will be interesting to see what other similar things Sakurai might do for other stages to allow people to have different versions of a given stage.