pac man split screen

A crazy thing I found out about Pac-Man’s NES port: There is no split-screen (or any killscreen, for that matter) in this game.

I was kind of surprised at this, since it was released initially in 1984. I’m not sure when the first Pac-Man split-screen was publicly attained, but the fact that Namco was already aware of it in 1984 suggests to me that it may have happened by then. Or maybe they just wised up. Who knows. Instead of a split-screen, it simply loops the last levels to avoid the infamous bug.

Another thing that made this stand out to me is that Namco Museum Vol. 1′s port of Pac-Man has the split-screen bug in it, as I personally played up for the sake of documenting it for this blog. Maybe they wanted to be more genuine to the arcade version? Who knows.