pac man beat

Pac-man and the boy with the dark hair

A/N sooo this a human!Loki Au I decided to do, when I saw a perfectly normal prompt on Tumblr, and decided to waste my time with this instead of focusing on my main work.

warnings: FLUFF 

Please bear in my that English is not my first language, and I have never written in a style like this, so its all very new to me.

Summary: It’s hard to want to have the highest score on the Pac-man machine, when someone beats it every other day. Also know as the story where something plain like a machine brings t two people together.

Word count:  1397

Tony had always tried his damn best in life. He always made sure to get the best grades, and always be in the top of his class. Still nothing was ever truly enough, even if he got home with a sheet of paper that only had A’s on them, would it only make his father focus his attention on him for a second if he was lucky. So he had tried again and again to be the best, but sometimes even Tony Stark needed a place where, he could be good, just because he was good. That dream got ruined though, when some jackass started besting him. BESTING HIM. 

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10 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 99)

1. Aitzaz Hasan, a 15 year old Pakistani school boy, who sacrificed his life while preventing a suicide bomber from entering his school of 2,000 students.

2. There is a proposal to allow for the free movement of people between Canada, the U.K., New Zealand and Australia, which in a poll of 67,000 people, over 90% were in favor of

3. Billy Mitchell achieved the ‘perfect score’ on Pac-Man in 1999, beating 256 levels and eating every pellet, fruit, and ghost, for the highest possible score of 3,333,360 – without dying once. He used his own elaborate strategies to beat the game, some of which the creators weren’t even aware of

4. In rich countries, obesity is more common among the less educated, but…

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In 1998, Specimen (a Chicago-based workshop that specializes in creating amazing one-of-a-kind custom instruments) fashioned this incredible Pac-Man guitar for Dave “Timely” Winer of the Howards and the Baltimores.

The headstock contains a strobing blinker light. A variable-speed knob is located on the eyeball so that the player can synchronize the blinker to the beat.

anonymous asked:

imagine steve and nat being the ultimate bros. Always taking a day off, every month, no matter what to just go out to starbucks. to the mall. scare passerbys. heaven.

Their favorite thing to do is to hit the arcade at the mall. For some reason it always gets them laughing, and, well, they both need that more than anything.

Plus, they’re wicked competitive with each other.

Steve’s better at Pac-Man, but Natasha can beat him anyday at skeeball. They’re pretty evenly matched at Mortal Kombat, so that’s when Nat tries to intimidate him with her Assassin Stare.

Luckily he’s immune.

They spend all afternoon in there, drinking milkshakes and hoarding so many tickets that sometimes the guy behind the desk gives them storage bins. Then at the end of the day they find someone in the arcade–a little kid with her dad at the Whack-A-Mole, a surly teenager playing Frogger, a preteen practicing his free throws at the basketball nets–and they give away all their tickets.

Then they treat themselves to an ice cream on their way out of the mall.

fight me mate

*you where at the arcade to spend most of the night since you had nothing better to do,you spent most your tokens on a pinball machine THAT YOU SWEAR IS RIGGED but hey it alright you’ve got pac man the next hour from what it felt like you played pac man trying to beat who ever high score that was,you where just getting mad at this point yelling and whining about the game and how this person must have cheated,you where one more loss away from from leaving*

“g-god damn it! this is bull! no way this guy got that score fair and square, fuck you! damn it im done! keep your god awful score loser…those where the last of my tokens to~”