pac alive


First and foremost I have to say thank you to Tupac because he really helped me through tough times over the years with his music and videos. Tupac was more than a rapper to me, he was a revolutionary, a true visionary with so much passion, intelligence, wisdom, and ambition to change this terrible world. I definitely believe that if Pac was still alive today there would be a major difference in music and life in a positive way.

With everything that Tupac had been through in his life all the trials and tribulations, he still kept his head up and continued to be strong until the very end. Now Tupac is finally free and at peace.

It’s been twenty long years without you and from the bottom of my heart I truly love and miss you. Thank God and Ms. Afeni that you came into this world for twenty five blessed years. God bless the Shakur family.

Rest in paradise.