Yet more news! According to, July is going to be a big month for Avatar and Korra fans, with the release of The Search: Part Two on July 10th and an art book for Book One of Korra being released on July 24th.

Autumn knows what she’ll be asking for for her birthday, but what about you? Are you excited for these releases?

PabuCast #8 - "When Extremes Meet" Discussion

Join Owl, Puck, Autumn, and special guest host Jenny (jenny-sdcc) as we discuss Episode 8 of The Legend of Korra, “When Extremes Meet.” Team Avatar bonding, Asami as MVP, government corruption, and everyone’s favorite bloodbending jerkbender Tarrlok. We’re broadcasting after curfew! (We may get a little carried away in our Pabu-bleeping, but hey - it’s Tarrlok.)

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Nickelodeon Upfront 2013 is Coming and Book One DVD Release May Have Changed

Keval, over on blogspot, has pointed out that the Nickelodeon Upfront 2013 begins in just two weeks, on February 26th. These “Upfront” events work as a sort of Comic Con, where television networks give the lowdown on their upcoming TV schedule and what fans can expect. Last year the Nickelodeon Upfront was held in March and revealed the release date for Book One of The Legend of Korra as well as a trailer. With this in mind, there is no guarantee but fans can certainly hope to finally get some news on Book Two at the end of the month.

In other news, while we previously reported that The Legend of Korra’s Book One DVD release was to be on May 21st of this year, it would appear that the option to pre-order the DVD has been removed from Shop Nick, and the date has been removed from Amazon. This could mean it will be released sooner than we thought, or later, but as of right now we are back to square one with no certain date.

Unfortunately today’s news has a lot of uncertainty. What do you hope for from the Nick Upfront? What about the DVD release?


This is gonna be pretty simple: we here at PabuCast love The Legend of Korra. While the series may not be perfect, we have found so much to love and enjoy, and have so much to be positive about. We have shared what we love through our podcast, but now we want to know: what do you love about Korra? We’re giving away an iTunes download of the Legend of Korra soundtrack, and maybe even a few other prizes if we can, to find out.

How it Works:

  1. Make a post sharing something you love about The Legend of Korra. Spread the love! You can include images, graphics, music– just share those positive feelings.
  2. Make sure the first tag on that post is “pabucast loves korra” so we can see it when we check the tag. We’ll be compiling a list of everyone who enters and choosing a winner (possibly winners!) randomly.
  3. Bask in the warm glow of happiness and positivity.


  1. This contest will end on October 24th at 8:00 am, EST.
  2. You can post positive things to the tag more than once, but only ne post will count as an entry.
  3. Keep it positive and have fun!

Yesterday was a big day for Avatar and Korra fans with all sorts of release dates flying around for exciting new things! On top of all that, the Nick Shop also posted a new Fire Ferrets T-shirt that is pretty darn cute and this Amon Propaganda T-shirt.

In the interest of organization, here is a round-up of release dates for upcoming Avatar and Korra stuff. Keep in mind that all release dates are subject to change.

February 26th: The Promise Complete Edition
April 2nd: The Search: Part One
May 21st: Book One: Air DVD Release (Release Date Removed)
July 9th: Endgame Junior Novelization
July 23rd: The Search: Part Two
August 6th: The Art of The Legend of Korra Book One

Purchase links aren’t available for the latest announcements yet.

If you want to get your hands on currently available Legend of Korra merchandise, check out The Nick Shop, We Love Fine, and Hot Topic for official merchandise. You can also find amazing fan designs on sites like RedBubble; here are some of our favorites!

[ETA: As of February 26th, this post has been edited to reflect changes in release dates as posted on Amazon.]


We Love Fine has added some new shirt designs!

While the Korra and Naga design isn’t exactly new (it has been available on Shop Nick since it’s debut at SDCC 2012), it is now available in different colors and in a gray Ladies Fit.

Official Korra shirts are currently available on The Nick Shop, We Love Fine, and Hot Topic.

What do you think of the official shirts? Which design is your favorite?

PabuCast #11 - Book 1 Finale Discussion
  • PabuCast #11 - Book 1 Finale Discussion
  • PabuCast

PabuCast #11 - Book 1 Finale Discussion

It’s season finale time and Autumn was wrong about everything. Join Owl, Puck, and Autumn as we discuss Episodes 11 and 12 of The Legend of Korra, “Skeletons in the Closet" and “Endgame.” With bloodbending for the whole family (except mom, let’s not tell mom), Naga being the best babysitter, surprise Lieutenant feels, and a strong possibility of gross sobbing, we have just one question: Is it time for Book 2 yet?

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Good morning, PabuCasters!

So remember when I said we were going to have a t-shirt? Well my friend studiojeujeubeanz is awesome and made up this adorable design for us and our listeners. :D Now that it’s finished, we can officially declare the PabuCast Shop up and running.

The idea behind the shop is that if people do actually want PabuCast shirts or stickers or whatever, we can use the proceeds to do more giveaways in the future. It’s kind of exciting! :)

So check it out here!

PabuCast #4 - "The Voice in the Night" Discussion

Prepare for some major feels as Owl, Puck, and Autumn discuss Episode 4 of The Legend of Korra, “The Voice in the Night.” Tarrlok the jerkbender, snazzy formal wear, and the desire to hug Korra every other scene. If you’re not tearbending you’re not doing it right! (Plus Puck gets Pabu bleeped. A lot.)

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So here’s some more news!

Remember how I mentioned that t-shirt design yesterday?

As of today the design’s been commissioned and hopefully it will be finished pretty soon. :)

So… would you wear a PabuCast t-shirt?

PabuCast #13 - "Rebel Spirit" and "The Southern Lights" Discussion

Blowing off a year of dust and it feels so good to be back! Korra has returned and so have Owl, Puck, and Autumn. Listen as we discuss the Book Two season premiere episodes “Rebel Spirit” and “The Southern Lights,” now with more questionable family members, spirit shenanigans, and wacky Wushu’s dancing penguins! It’s ok, feeble turtleducks, we’ll protect you!

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PabuCast #14 - "Civil Wars, Part 1" Discussion

Join Owl, Puck, Autumn, and returning guest CrystalZelda as we discuss Book 2, Episode 3: “Civil Wars, Part 1.” Awkward laughter, a whole lot of family feels, Korra mastering some Aang-style airbending, and why you’re probably a shady guy when you’re literally sitting in shade in your throne room. This episode packs a punch - will you survive the civil wars?

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Wow! Our SDCC 2012 podcast crossed over 150 listens within 24 hours of its posting! Thank you so much, listeners, we really hope you enjoyed it. We absolutely loved having CrystalZelda on and thought the discussion was fantastic.

And now for the real news, are your wallets ready? Because when it rains, it pours! Here is a round-up of the official Korra merch being released over the next few weeks (that we know about!).

July 9th: Book One DVD & Blu-Ray / Endgame Junior Novelization

July 16th: Book One Soundtrack

July 30th: The Art of Book One

We’ve also been keeping an eye on The Nick Shop, We Love Fine, and Hot Topic for other official Korra merchandise like new t-shirts,but nothing to report as of today. Still, if you haven’t seen their offerings already, go and check them out!