pabu plushie


Guys. I need to share this with you! Grieving Pabu’s loss has been one of the toughest experiences of my life. One of the things that made it much easier was the fact I knew my Pabu plush was coming in the mail. Shana from Dancing Ferret Crafts on etsy made my entire business into plushies in exchange for my artwork as her new logo (you can see part of her new logo as a watermark on the photos above). 

(Photo credit is hers as well, they were too perfect not to post!)

I am beyond grateful for these, not only do I have my little business back together again symbolically, I will be able to cherish them always, and I was able to have motivation to draw during these rough months (the artwork for her store is almost complete) :) 

I highly suggest giving her shop a visit, the plsuhies are HUGE, high quality, and oh so soft! She did a fantastic job at trying to catch every detail in their design too. They will now keep me company at my desk <3