This was a piece I did a few months ago for the Ladies of Literature vol. 2. I was still developing the style at the time, so subtly did not exist in my book then. This is meant to be Toypurnia aka Chief Gray Wolf, Zorro’s badass Native American mother in Isabel Allende’s “Zorro”.  

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anonymous asked:

Are you sure the reason why you refuse to stop using the fandom tags isn´t because deep down you wish to get more people to know you?

Ahahahaha, no.

Really, let´s be honest if I would only draw and update to get popular I would have given it up YEARS ago.

I show my art online since 2008, back than I did so on my old DA account (I don´t have that account anymore thought). I wasn´t popular there, I´m not popular here, on my new DA, on my twitter or my instagram. And you know what? I reall couldn´t care less. :3

I post onlie to make friends, like I have in Rina, Vanessa, Ari, Allie (idols I dare to call friends) and some others. This are people who encourage me to get better and woh also care for my problems and talk to me when I need someone.
I also post to make people simle and the few feedback I get is positiv so far.  <3 People are nice, they give constructive critique if the give critique and some told me the really like waht I do, so I suppose I make them simle.

The last and for me most importatn reason for is that I love to observe artists. It is easiert to track thier blogs with having an own and I also get something like contact with artists I reall look up to like AndreaJimmy MartinezPablo Leon, Karoline Pietrowski, Teapotee, Becky, Nilah (really, I don´t dare to call them firends, they are idols and I´m to shy to talk to them more ofte even if want to) and some others. I don´t know if they follow me because they like my art or because they like the other things I blog about but yeah, it encourages me to keep my blog running like it is. That means also my fan art.

You see, there are differend reasons for someone to post art and to post about art besides beeing popular.