May 3, 2017


Pat Milbery, Remington Robinson, and Jason Graves

Just had to find out a bit more about PBR, especially after seeing this striking piece. Pabst sales peaked at 18 million barrels in 1977—I’m sure I drank my share—but by 1985 it had been sold, the Milwaukee brewery closed, and all advertising ceased. Spoofed by South Park as being a white-trash-beer, millennials today continue to fuel its rapid resurgence in popularity, even as Pabst’s latest owner continues to eschew any traditional advertising. Turning to non-traditional marketing however, pbr_art and Kobra Paint sponsored this striking mural on the patio of uptown New Orleans bar and music venue Gasa Gasa on trendy Freret St. This collaborative project was painted by Pat Milbery: artist and professional snowboarder from St. Paul, Minnesota, and now living inGolden, Colorado; Remington Robinson: fine artist from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, now living in Boulder, Colorado; and Jason Graves: co-owner of Boulder, Colorado, graphic design and screen printing company Apollo Ink Printing.  @patmilbery  @remingtonrobinson  @jasontgraves  @pbr_art  @gasa_gasa  


The Pabst IV by Mark Adsit
Via Flickr:
10/24/2016: Winner of the top prize, Wisconsin Historical Society’s National Historic Preservation Act 50th Anniversary Photo Contest! photo by Mark Adsit © All Rights Reserved