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I think they’ll be fine collabing with TWICE :)


Just another day where our favourite 91-liners take pride in dissing each other.


A year in review: cutest friendship of 2015 - eunji (apink) and hakyeon (vixx)

Hakyeon: Eunji & I are very comfortable w/ one another, so we talk alot. We’d discuss our scenes together & which expressions we’d use, etc.

Sunday Mornings

Jooheon squeezed at your hips as he climbed on top of you to kiss you good morning. You grunted, Pushing him off of you, “what?!” Your voice was full of sleep, and just as ornery as intended.

“Aish,” he hissed, “Jagi you’re so grumpy in the morning!” He rolled back over pouting.

You groaned, “Well no shit Jooheon, I just woke up.” You rubbed the sleep from your eyes, and giggled at his pouting face.

He smiled, and kissed you again. “Want me to make us breakfast?” You nodded, and as soon as he jumped out of bed you rolled over to go back to sleep.

Almost as soon as you had started to drift back to sleep Jooheon returned holding two bowls. You sat up, thinking there was no way you had even fallen back to sleep yet. Had you? Jooheon handed you a bowl, and you couldn’t help but laugh. “Fruit loops, Pabo?! I could have made this myself!”

Jooheon gasped dramatically. “Y/N! I put a lot of hard work and effort in to this breakfast! How can you be so ungrateful?!” He shoved a spoonful of Fruit Loops into his mouth, and continued to lecture you with his mouth full. “I just wanted to do something nice for you, but I guess I will just eat both bowls of cereal, and you can be on your own!” He muttered with full cheeks.

You giggled and smacked his chest before handing the bowl back to him. “Can I have a do-over?” You asked, with your best pout. He rolled his eyes, and handed you your bowl again. “FRUIT LOOPS?!” You exclaimed, “oh babe! You must’ve worked so hard on this magnificent feast! GOSH! I’m so spoiled!”

Jooheon clutched his chest as he spoke, “I’m flattered babe, but nothing is too good for my girl,” he chuckled.

baby?! | yoongi

husband!yoongi / father!yoongi x reader drabble where you both are married, you’re pregnant, the boys are told and get really, really excited

enjoy xx

“so,” yoongi breathes out and your chest tightens a little while you squeeze his palm in yours a little, how is he so calm about this? you don’t know how the boys might react and in fact, you’re terrified with nervousness. “what we’ve been meaning to tell you, is that (Y/N)’s pregnant.”

the sharp intakes of breath heard around the room has your cheeks reddening. yoongi chuckles, to him the faces of the boys sitting in front of you both are priceless, each one’s eyes widened as large as saucers, jaws hanging.

the maknae’s the first to speak, ironically since he’s the fetus among all eight of you. “holy… noona’s gonna have a baby!” his eyes are still bulging out of their sockets, as if he can’t believe his own words.

“oh my gosh, can we name her peanut?” taehyung’s eyes light up.

“you pabo, we don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl yet,”

“a baby. a real baby,”

“and i’m going to be an uncle!” faint sniffs can be heard and you’ve got to be kidding me, hoseok are you crying? “i’m so touched, i’m going to be an uncle! guys, we’re going to be uncles!”

“i think it’d be better for the baby’s mental health if (Y/N) doesn’t hang around us so much anymore, these dumbasses might pass down some of their idiocy to the baby and we don’t want that happening…”

you smile slightly at the scene before you, it looks like they’re taking it well. warm breath fans beside your ear and its yoongi whispering, “see jagi, i told you they’d take it perfectly normal. well, however normal they are, at least.”

the six men in front tone down, and stare at you expectantly.

“wait, so which one of us gets to babysit her?”

“or him,”

“can it have its middle name named after me?”

“you don’t call a baby ‘it’, idiot,”

“how does a baby feel like in your tummy?”

“can the baby stay over? we’ll take super good care of him or her, you can trust us!”

“(Y/N), are you having cravings yet?”

“noona, when will the baby be coming?”

and before you even have the chance to answer any of their questions, they’re up and hugging each other, whirling around together in circles.

“this bunch are worse than babies,” yoongi mutters, thinking to himself that really, maybe they should get married soon so that they’d grow up.

“well, at least they’re excited…” you murmur, snuggling your head into the crook of his neck where it’s warm and fuzzy and comfortable beyond words.

“i’m excited too, babe,” he chuckles. “i’m excited too.”

When they get jealous/angry...

the moneyflow edition

authors note: these are my two ultimate biases… please love them well <3


*you’re telling Jiho about the fun day you’ve had hanging around with your best male friend and he’s feeling a little jealous…*

[ZC] …that’s great Jagi. *bitter*

[Y/N] …are you okay Jiho? *poke his lip*

[ZC] mhmm *sulky*

[Y/N] oh and did I tell you the joke he told me earlier? it was the funniest thi-

[Y/N] yah… Jiho what’s the matter?

[ZC] why don’t you just date him instead? *pout* since he’s so funny?

[Y/N] *laugh* Woo Jiho… are you jealous?

[Y/N] *manic laughter* oh you silly pabo <3 i don’t want anybody but you

[ZC] …do you mean it?

[Y/N] of course I do, I love you ^3^


*you haven’t been answering your phone all day*

[MH] for fucks sake… *annoyed* 

*an hour or so later you wander through the door*

[Y/N] i’m homeeee~ *you call as you throw your keys onto the side*

*You see Minho is sat at his desk*

[MH] why haven’t you been answering your phone? *he radiates anger*

[Y/N] i was busy… i have a job and a life too you know… 

[MH] but you finished work 4 hours ago… where the fuck have you been?

[Y/N] I just hung out with a couple of work friends jagi~ I don’t see why you’re so grumpy…

[MH] I was worried… you could’ve sent a text… one fucking text *y/n*

[Y/N] aish i’m sorry… okay?

[MH] what if something had happened to you?

[Y/N] well i’m fine okay… *you caress his face and he kisses your hands*

[MH] i was scared… it felt like i’d lost you…

[CREDIT to the gif owners - I do not own these gifs]

Reaction (Monsta X): When you ask for a threesome with another girl

Shownu: “Well shit, this might be the best thing you’ve ever asked me for.” 

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Jooheon: “I will see what I can do babe. I think your request is just fine.” 

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Wonho: “Well duh jagi, I’m saying yes. Any guy who would pass that up is a real pabo.”

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Minhyuk: “I don’t know. Now I have to impress two girls with my moves. So, that means yes, because my moves are golden.” 

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I.M: “Well, give oppa a kiss and I’ll think about it. Make it good and you can even pick who joins us.” 

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Hyungwon: “Damn baby. I am very glad you asked. The answer is a definite yes.” 

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Kihyun: “I don’t think you know how willing I am to make this happen.”

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