I just checked out Pablo Hidalgo’s twitter and DEAR LORD I think I just died of second hand embarrassment b/c of some of the reylo shippers on there who pester him on a regular basis….like holy shit some of y’all need to leave the man alone with the “KYLO MUST B STRAIGHT COS HE WAS LEERING @ REY UWU MAYBE ALL THAT SEKTUAL TENSHUN NEEDS 2 B RELEASED HAHA THE GURL WILL SAVE HIM WE NEED MORE SKYWALKER BABIES PABLOG PLS LOOK AT THIS FANART” shit…

I mean…. 

…maybe take a hint?? Don’t bug him about reylo :( 

This sort of stuff happens on Rian Johnson’s instagram too. 

Some of y’all be reaching to mention reylo in the comments for every single picture that he posts.

It makes us look silly. Did y’all forget the current state of canon or what?? Hint: Kylo and Rey are still enemies.

It’s really not cute or funny at this point. 

Please, @ the shippers who are doing this on twitter and instagram, stop. You’re giving antis the ammo they need to ridicule us. You’re probably pushing non shippers against us. We’re already hated by this fandom for what we ship…let’s not add fuel to the fire.