Pablo Picasso

Femme Magie

Brassai and Picasso met in 1932 through the publisher Tériade, who had commissioned a series of photos of the rue La Boétie studio and of recent plaster sculptures done by Picasso for the first issue of the review Minotaure. Later, between 1943 and 1946, Brassai photographed Picasso’s entire selection of sculpted work for Les Sculptures de Picasso, 1949, published by Chêne. 


Sylvette David poses for Picasso in his Vallauris studio, 1954 

- Pablo Picasso - Portrait de Sylvette David 21, 1954 

- Pablo Picasso - Sylvette, 1954  

- Pablo Picasso - Portrait of Sylvette David 30, 1954 

There was a time when Sylvette David was at the centre of a media storm and breaking hearts throughout Europe. But, at just 19, she was so timid that she didn’t enjoy her power. With her grave beauty and tumbling blonde hair tied in a coquettish ponytail, she caught the eye of Pablo Picasso in 1954 and, for three months, became his muse: the subject of over 40 of his.