at the theatre, my father eats all his popcorn before the movie even starts

when grocery shopping, my mother talks to everybody she sees before deciding what kind of tomatoes to purchase

but together, they operate at just the right speed

in times of great sadness, Vincent Van Gogh painted sunflowers and starry nights

before finding happiness again, Pablo Picasso went through a blue period that lasted three years

now, they meet each other through art galleries

during summer, the Pacific Ocean is so restless it tries to throw itself at the shoreline

as the Arctic Sea encourages icebergs with its calm

and it’s the same water, after all

so what I’m saying is

maybe it’s not such a bad thing that you spend 24/7 at the gym

while I poems in bed

maybe our differences will actually make us better

maybe if I keep telling myself this

I’ll believe it

Guernica, Pablo Picasso. Completed 1937.

“The raid on Guernica is unparalleled in military history. Guernica was not a military objective. A factory producing war material lay outside the town and was untouched. The object of the bombardment was seemingly the demoralization of the civil population and the destruction of the cradle of the Basque race.” – George L. Steer, The Times