TAURUS Leisure Interests

On the whole, typical Taureans pursue the following leisure interests:

* collecting things of value

* singing or listening to music

* gardening

* painting

* the quieter sports

* activities that give Taurus a chance to enjoy physical pleasure, such as horseback riding

Taurean Likes and Dislikes

* soft, sensual textures
* sensual pleasures
* a good bank balance
* certainty and well-tried routines
* gifts of value, attractively wrapped
* savoring the moments of pleasure at the dinner table
* doing the same thing over and over

* being disturbed
* change
* lending things
* being told to hurry up
* sleeping in strange beds

Note: In the picture Pablo Picasso’s ‘Les femmes dAlger (Version O)’,This Picasso masterpiece could be the world’s most expensive painting when sold at auction.

Guernica, Pablo Picasso. Completed 1937.

“The raid on Guernica is unparalleled in military history. Guernica was not a military objective. A factory producing war material lay outside the town and was untouched. The object of the bombardment was seemingly the demoralization of the civil population and the destruction of the cradle of the Basque race.” – George L. Steer, The Times