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Who Should Play 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show? Vote!
For some, the Super Bowl halftime show is the only segment of the crucial sporting event that's worth watching. Throughout the three-hour game, you can afford to miss one of the playsfor a trip to the kitchen to refill your guac and chips, but once the headliner for the halftime show hits the stage, everyone is back crouched on the living room sofa to watch the soon-to-be viral performance. So who should perform next year?

”With the annual game six months away, it’s time to start speculating which chart-topping artist will be honored with the next Super Bowl halftime show. Will we be singing along to Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo album or Justin Bieber’s “Despacito” remix? Or maybe Billboard Music Awards top social artist winners BTS will find an audience on an even bigger American stage?”

Vote below for the artist you want to see perform at Super Bowl LII!

OMG ARMY!  Keep it up! And maybe…

BTS will be going to the SUPER BOWL!

Okay before I start off I want to say this:

1. I think anyone should be able to date whom ever they wish no matter their race as long as they are happy

2. I believe dating within your own race is perfectly fine as long as you are doing it because that is what you prefer not because others tell you to

3. I am a product of an interracial relationship and I am also open to date a person of any race, which I have done so throughout my relationship history

Now this is my point:

So I have ran across many blogs and also people I know in person who shame Mixed Race/Biracial/Multiracial (bust most specifically Mulattoes, I know that is an offensive term for others but it is more specific) women or men for not dating Black/African/Nubian women or men. These people have a mind set that “these people are traitors” and “they are need to date their own kind”

Let me stop you there. If a Multiracial/Biracial person wants to date a Black/African person that is 100% perfectly fine and good for them, if they want to date a White/European person that is also 100% perfectly fine, or an Asian person that is 100% perfectly fine as well! But people go around and shame Mixed Race people for not dating “their own kind” meaning dating Black people, then that is not only wrong but also misleading.

If you are one of those people who think people should stay within their own race, or someone close to their race, then wouldn’t it make more sense for us to date other “Mulatto” people? 

I have been shamed for dating White Men, I have ALSO been shamed for dating a fellow Mulatto guy when I was in high school. But I myself am a Mulatta?? So I don’t understand the problem, if anything that is who I should date right? I SHOULD date, according to people like this, men who resemble Justin Barnhill (on the left) or Pablo Morais (on the right) But I would hear people say “Oh, she doesn’t date Black guys,” (which is stupid because i do) or “Oh she think she’s too good for a real Black guy”