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A word meaning deep in love with life or living .. ?

In Czech, there is this word “pábitel“ which refers to a person fascinated by their own fate, in love with life, does and says unreasonable things, searches for beauty in the simplest objects and events, and likes to twist reality around to fit their likings (credits: untherapyrediscovered). In short, a pábitel is someone who proves that life is worth living.

This word was coined by the Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal, and below is his own definition (from one of his books, translated to english) of pábitel:

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Postcard jointly written and illustrated by Bohumil Hrabal and painters Jan Smetana and Josef Jíra. 

Handwritten and illustrated postcard, postmarked in Altea, Spain on August 31, 1981, to his brother by Bohumil Hrabal (1914-1997), regarded by many to be the most significant Czech writer of the twentieth century. With a hand-drawn caricature of the writer by Jan Smetana, showing Hrabal captivated by the sights of the Spanish seaside, with the caption: “The inquisitive gaze of the sensitive Czech writer by the Spanish Sea, August 27, 1981.” With additional humorous words of greeting by Hrabal and his two travel companions on the verso.