so yeah… it’s been 4 months since i made this tumblr, right? i think i should finally show myself. here it is - paaranoid and her mineco’s cat neck pillow, lmao.

did i mention that i love my job?

lmao, i was working for 7 hours today but as a revenge i broke two dishes and (again) ahjumma didn’t allow me to clean it up. btw. oops. anyway after 9 days i realized that when i call ahjummas “imo” like they ask me to do i call them “auntie”, lol. they’re my aunts!

and (what is really weird) i got a tip from one of the clients. usually koreans don’t give a tip. anyway there was three of them and they asked about my age and had fun with asking me to name korean dishes on their table. i felt like a boss when i know them all, lol.

going to eat and sleep now. i love you all!

yeyeyeye selca again. in four months i’ll be an adult. HAHAHAHA! who cares i look like… i don’t know… 13 years old kid? anyway daaaaamn my hair grew 3cm in one month and i’m not kidding, there’s something wrong with them. one more week and i won’t see anything. and no i’m not going to cut them. i told myself “you will have long hair again” and hell yeah, i will! so i’ll look like yeti soon lol. >_<

but seriously, 3cm?