extremepeoplewatching said: First of all. Amazon rentals yo

Haha I wish… Unfortunately the textbook that’s required for my course isn’t even an actual textbook – it’s literally a collection of looseleaf paper that I still need a binder for, plus an online code. It’s also a 2017 edition which means I can’t even buy it used/secondhand. 

theleavesofautumn said: I use Kontakte, it’s explanations of grammar are A+ and it’s abundant in vocab. Runs about 250 but at my uni it’s used for 101, 102, 201. Will last a long time. Comes with online companion that is literally spawned from Satan - frequently used words that aren’t taught, has unrealistic expectations for listening comprehension and is down right frustrating. Book = great. Online workbook = horrible

Ahh I hope that means that my textbook can be used for multiple classes, I’d feel a lot better about the price if that were the case. I also hope our online companion is helpful, but I’d actually rather use the free online resources that I’ve found tbh

texasdreamer01 said: Took a class when I had already learned German with my family and the only thing useful was the grammar charts because I hadn’t formally learned it at home - and you can find better ones on tumblr. I can’t remember which textbook I had used in my class, but it wasn’t Sag Mal, so maybe the one you’re looking at could be useful. Tbh I had learned more from Lisa Kahlen’s Essential German Vocabulary (and some langblr’s stuff, ngl) than I did in my class.

I’ve self-studied German a little but not enough to be able to skip first-year intro German, but I hope the class will still be useful just because it’s structured and there’s a formal teacher. 

renaufdeutsch said: We used studio d from A1 to B1, then Aspekte for B2 and C1.

Hmm, Aspekte sounds familiar, but it’s going to be a while before I get to B2 haha

paaatchy said: I used a bad one called Netzwerk, I think it was aimed at Spanish students, but I’ve heard good things about Aspekte :)

Ahh that’s good to know! :) 

yubsie said: I used one in 2004 called Alles Gute. It was outdated even then (as in still used marks rather than Euros) and had actually gone out of print between the prof assigning it and classes starting so we had a combination of used copies and photocopies. So not terribly useful but did for some reason have one of the first phrases we learned be “Heinrich ist immer allein” so I will never forget it.

In contrast, my textbook’s just been published and printed this year and it’s so new that the copies are still in the boxes that they were shipped in… So I don’t need to worry about that, though I hope its content and explanations are worth the ridiculous price that it asks for. 

aspoonfuloflanguage said: I also used Kontakte. It was a while ago, but I remember finding the explanations in the book quite useful. It was really expensive but it lasted through the 102 or 201 at my uni I think. I’m not sure I would recommend it as a self study book, but it works really really well in a classroom setting. I didn’t really like the online work, but I think it’s just because I found it quite difficult.

Hmm okay, that’s good to know. I know that we have online work that’s supposed to complement the physical textbook as well, so I hope that’s useful. 

tinyparlancer said: NonUS here so not sure how useful this will be, but we used Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage. Fifth edition was published in 2011 and you can get a paperback for £23. I remember it being clear (as long as you have an ok grasp of English grammar to start with) and it’s very comprehensive. No exercises in it, as it’s more of a reference guide, but I believe you can buy one separately. I also have a short grammar guide in German from Langenscheidt.

Haha I’m not from the US either :P I’m Canadian. Also I’m jealous of how cheap that is, I wish our textbooks were so cheap… I do have my own German grammar guides, quite a few of them actually, collected over the years, but for class we’re required to have a specific textbook that the professor has picked out for us. 

Thank you everyone for your responses! :D 

paaatchy  asked:

Hmmm, I could always visit German areas to get more exposure :D Thank you for the information! :) I'd love to go to Geneva, it looks amazing and it's meant to be great for getting into translation afterwards ^_^ What's your opinion of Geneva? Switzerland in general is so gorgeous :D

Yes, you can always take the train and you’ll be in a German speaking city in less than 1 or 2 hours! :)

Oh Geneva! *_* I’d love to live there one day! I almost went there to work as an au pair… Geneva is a really good choice. Especially the lake and the Jet d’Eau are stunning! And it’s so international, I really like this.

I’ll come and visit you there haha ;) Just message me if you ever need some advice when it comes to Swiss things :)