What is your perfect society?

I have to do this question as an essay for English class and I honestly have no idea how to begin to answer this question. I mean, of course I would want equal rights for everyone, world peace and no sickness; just the basics of a utopia.

But how could that even be achieved? How exactly do you take the human race, a species so diverse in ideas and feelings, and make it into the “perfect” society? The simple answer is obvious: make everyone the same. Make everyone agree and accept others for how they are and what they believe. Take all of the bad things away and make everyone happy. However, does that really take away pain? Can you really know happiness when you haven’t even tasted sadness? How can we know success when we’ve never failed? Isn’t it important for us to learn from our mistakes? Is it possible to know evil when there is none to begin with?

We are humans. We hurt each other and we fight because someone doesn’t believe what we want them to. We cut people down because they’re not exactly like the rest of us. We are not perfect, and we all make mistakes. But in the end, that’s what makes us beautiful: Our divergence.