If you were payin attention before my absence, Ti (@d-lynx) and I were communicating via smoke signals and they brought up they wanted to make a plate and to just put Aizawa all over it. I told em I’d make a collage, and this is what it is. 

Wanted to post it to archive it. 

Right click, open image in new tab. Him big.

INTP and morality

Even I find it strange how morals don’t really matter to me.

Like I have a sense of good and bad and I generally adhere to it but I really just don’t care? Like there’s no feeling behind it. It’s just go along to get along. 

I was having a conversation about vegetarianism the other day and my stance:
The problem is not in the eating of meat (which is entirely natural and that’s just life) it is in the industry. Morally I disagree with the idea of farming and animals being bred for slaughter. I agree that if one is willing to eat meat then you should be willing to kill it yourself, and yet I wouldn’t. Because morally I’m against it. But I also do eat meat. Because I don’t really care. But I do care. But I don’t feel anything about it. And I’m not even sure how that works. So it’s easier just to ignore morality generally and focus on practicality.