Spring Collection
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a message from my aunt to the lgbt community:

okay technically she said it to me when i came out today but i feel it’s important for the community to know.

“don’t feel pressured into labeling yourself. as long as you’re happy then that’s good. you’re still young and trying to figure yourself out so don’t feel pressured into immediately finding a label for yourself. no matter what happens just know that i’m right behind you and supportive of all your decisions, i love you”

the stepladder thing is great but there are a lot of other great running jokes in ace attorney:

  • phoenix not knowing the names of any plants aside from tulips and sunflowers
  • maya/trucy trying to steal things and bring them back to the office
  • edgeworth being unable to get his witnesses to state their name
  • multiple people, on different occasions, failing to miss critical evidence because they didn’t look at the other side of a piece of paper
  • “Anyone could wear that ______! Even me!”
  • edgeworth glaring at things
  • phoenix/apollo’s obsession with their hair
  • in the third game, phoenix cleaning the toilet
  • in the first game, gumshoe never remembering phoenix’s name
  • edgeworth being a super steel samurai fan
  • yelling ‘objection!’ in everyday, non courtroom situations
  • franziska referring to everyone by their full name, all the time
  • phoenix being super into gossip and tabloid magazines