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Eto na. Hello guys! I just wanted to say thank you sa lahat ng mga taong naging part ng 2016 ko dito sa personal blog kong to na 2 months old pa lang, no matter how tiny or huge pa yang naging share niyo sa buhay ko; chos! Basta, you all deserve to be given gratifying words (kahit mula sa isang hamak lang na tulad ko dejk).

Sa mga nakakausap ko (kahit hindi parati) at nakausap at nag-share ng kahit maliit na parte ng mga buhay nila sa akin, thank you so much! I am so blessed to have known people like you guys! Kayo dapat yung mga nasa cover ng magazines! (dejoke gusto ko lang talaga kayong makita in person huhu)

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Sa mga palaging laman ng activity ko (bukod sa mga namention na), thank you guys, sobrang pinapasaya niyo araw ko kasi wala namang kwenta mga blog posts ko pero andyan pa rin kayo. Ganun ako kababaw, okay?! Hahaha!

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(hehe eto lang natandaan ko, wala naman akong fans jusko kaya i love you guys ng sobra)

Sa lahat ng mga nag-follow sakin, seryoso, sana makausap ko rin kayo minsan! Maraming maraming salamat sa pag-include sa akin sa dash niyo hahahaha!

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Sa lahat ng tumblr crushes ko (ee ang landi ko pakamatay na) ; syempre hindi ko sila babanggitin lahat jusko pero babanggitin ko tong mga to hahahaha: @lumunokngpiso @theamazingdayet (pero marami pa HAHAHAHA)

At sa lahat ng mga pinoy bloggers dito sa tumblr! (lalo na mga engineers at engineers-to-be! kapit lang tayo guys huhuhu)

May you all have a grand and overwhelming 2017! Happy New Year! And hopefully, may you all remain reservoirs of inspiration for aspiring bloggers and even just to those non-bloggers that visit your blogs! God bless us all!

This still is definitely one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken 🌺 I hit the button at just the right time thanks to pure intuition, as liz was making different facial expressions and I was having a hard time keeping my hand in the position it was in. I remember thinking “press it now and you will have the best picture” and I did and this is the beauty I got! 📸
The smoothie was such a bright color. I remember walking around the farmers market seeing people drinking these thinking “I want one of those!” It was made by a healthy food truck called Blend Life Co. You can find them on Instagram! They’re in Allentown and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania all the time!
✨Thank you to the beautiful @mrrobotsmom for posing like a goddess!✨


Now, I have never done something like this before… but, I figured if there’s one way to make something spread, tumblr is the way to go!

I have a little story for everyone that I think should be shared all around. In my high school, the junior high students (7th-8th grade) get their own version of prom called ‘Spring Fling’. This year the school decided (4 days before the dance) to put in a new dress code, saying that the girl’s dresses had to have three inch thick straps and that if their dress was short that it could only be two inches above the knees. 

Now, as many of you may know, it’s a bit difficult to find a formal dress to meet those requirements without having the exact same dress as many, many other girls. But that’s not even what the biggest problem is here. In the picture below you’ll see a picture of my little sister in the dress we bought her.

As you can see, it is a strapless dress. We did not buy this dress specifically to defy the dress code put in place. In fact, we did not know about the dress code at the time we bought it. We bought this dress about a month or so before the dance when we got my prom dress. 

Now, when they FINALLY decided to inform the girls of our school about the dress code they were informed that they would be kicked out of the dance. 

Once again, this dress code was told to them 4 days before the dance when many girls already bought their dresses.

12 girls got kicked out of the dance.

The school called the police on 2 of those girls because they did not want to leave the dance. (Their dresses were floor length and strapless.)

But here is the kicker, everyone. The principal of my school said the reason why the dress code in general for our school is enforced is because not only is it distracting to the male students but it is distracting to the male faculty.

These girls are like, 12-14 years old.

For the record, the school mentioned for this is Iroquois Jr./Sr. High School in Erie, PA.

This made the top story of our local news and our principal and school board refused to make any comments,.

Heneral Luna Daycare AU

Thrse are all @imustbesorandom’s ideas (except for the BONUS part). Shinare niya sa akin (matagal na haha) and I’d like to share it with the rest of the fandom.

Daycare AU (Wherein everyone is a little kid except for Mabini and Aguinaldo):

- Mabini, of course, is well liked by all the kids. Correction, they love him.

- The first time Aguinaldo hears Luna curse, he freezes because kids aren’t supposed to curse like that especially kung napakalutong ng pagkakasabi.

- Paco is the silent and protective one with the other kids. Lagi niyang minamakesure na walang away na nagaganap (courtesy of Rusca, Goyong, and especially Luna).

- He tries to talk to other kids and tells them ‘hindi mo dapat ginagawa yan’ but the other kids dismisses him.

- Joven is the one reading books and playing building blocks peacefully.

- It’s either Paco or the Bernal brothers who are usually his playmates.

- Rusca being the troublemaker as usual. Pag may kasalanan siya, tinuturo niya yung iba.

- Goyong always competing with Rusca and being the bright side of things. A troublemaker sometimes but when he is, he is way sneakier than Rusca.

- Luna sometimes stops running and screaming around when he caught a view of Ysabel.

- One time, Luna gave Ysabel a flower but Ysabel merely turned away.

- Mascardo snickered at the sight to which Ysabel responded with an unfriedly child death glare.

- Because kids barely listen to adults sometimes, Aguinaldo has to chase the kids around to make them stay in one place.

- And all it takes for Mabini to make them sit in one place is for him to call them.

- Rusca being the first one to respond when it’s time to eat but the last when they have to study.

- Goyong gets a lot of stars for asking correctly. He boasts to Rusca and when he does, Rusca sometimes kicks his chair and walks out, pouting.

- Joven also having a lot of stars for being a brilliant child + for behaving well.

- Rusca trying so hard to be a good kid for once until he explodes because the other kids were teasing him.

- Joven crying once for losing his favorite book and Mabini finds it for him.

- Paco being the first to respond and call Mabini and Aguinaldo when Luna tackles Mascardo to the ground and punches him. (In the background, Rusca was the only one cheering and laughing while the others had the right mind to step away.)

- On valentine’s day the kids set Mabini and Aguinaldo up for a play date at the daycare. But before they let Miong near Mabini, the Luna boys and round him up and Antonito points his Nerf gun at Miong’s hair and says, “Pag pinaiyak mo si Sir Pole. BABARILIN KO YANG BUHOK MO!”

- Antonito likes to scribble a mustache on his face with a permanent marker. And that’s the first thing he does when he enters the daycare. Every. Single. Time.

- Manuel Bernal shaved his hair all by himself and he’s proud of it.

- Everyone tries to snuggle with Mabini during nap time. Nobody likes to snuggle with Miong because of the rumor that Antonito spread that his spiky hair is deadly.

- Which is not, obviously. And Miong sulked that whole day. Don’t worry Mabini kissed it all better to prove that his hair isn’t dangerous.


marami talagang na iinarte ngayong valentines. haahaha

di porket single ka, malungkot na valentines mo.
Ang Valentine’s day ay para sa  lahat dahil marunong tayo lahat na magmahal.
Celebrate it together with your friends, loved ones or para ma iba naman, makipag bati ka sa enemy mo. 

Ganun ka simple!

eksaherada naman yung mga single ngayon. XD