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With each episode it becomes more and more clear that the only person in the entire world who truly loves Maekjong is Pa-Oh which means he is probably going to die a gruesome death while protecting his beloved king, this young man who is like a son to him, and Maekjong will lose even him. Pa-Oh has been his protector, parent figure, his only friend, his only fan at the football match and his teacher who taught him how to fight and how to protect himself. He accepts Maekjong the way he is, without any conditions, and you know it isn’t because he is his king but because he genuinely loves this young, lonely man who despite all that happened to him has so much hope in his heart and can smile so warmly, this man who would rather put his own life in danger than kill people to save himself.

His mother loves him as well, but she never allowed herself to show any real warmth or affection to her son; while Pa-Oh always looks at the young king with such unadulterated, unconditional love and sympathy. He understands him, makes him happy and makes him smile.

And then there is A Ro! Seriously the main reason why I don’t really ship her with Maekjong is that the way Go Ara portrays her - always glaring at him with suspicions, as if she were afraid of him (when he’s never done anything to her but protected her and gave her money and told her he liked her) or as if she were utterly annoyed by him and she would rather be anywhere as long as he wouldn’t be there,… - leaves absolutely no hope whatsoever for this pairing. And frankly, MAEKJONG DESERVES BETTER!

Yosvani Ramos costumed as ‘Romeo’ for the Balcony Pas.  Mr. Ramos has danced with the Jeune Ballet de France, Paris Opera Ballet, English National Ballet, Australian Ballet, and Cincinnati Ballet.  Currently he is with the Colorado Ballet.

Le chat croit que fixer la fenêtre va la faire s’ouvrir. Ou que je vais me lever du canapé pour la lui ouvrir. Ce chat croit que je suis à son service. 

< Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît pas.>

“The heart has its reasons, of which reason knows nothing.”

Blaise Pascal, Pensées

[Grantaire] had need of Enjolras. That chaste, healthy, firm, upright, hard, candid nature charmed him, without his being clearly aware of it, and without the idea of explaining it to himself having occurred to him. He admired his opposite by instinct.

– Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

I don’t know why but the idea of Kent Parson pre-children and post-children is so amusing to me like before kids when he and Alexei first go public, the reporters would ask him about Tater and he wouldn’t give a shit he’d just say something like “I’m just staying with him because he’s got a huge di–” before he cuts off and sees his PR manager from afar, slicing her sharp, manicured finger across her neck. Kent would just swallow and begin again with, “Ha! Joking. Uh, he’s got a big…personality…” 

Post-kids Parse would cover his son’s ears and hiss at people in public who try to heckle him with, “How fucking dare you swear in front of my son if Tater wasn’t here you’d be missing a limb, asshole.” (”Dad I can still hear you.” “Shh don’t tell your Pa.”) So basically nothing has changed. Tater claims that he’s the one who does damage control in the Parse-Mashkov family but everyone knows he’d be the first to start a fight if it concerned Kent or his tots ( “Kenny let’s not punch the man again–” (overhears guy shit talk about Kent) “…OK my turn.”) 

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So there is pics of Cait & so at baftas pre party size by side. At this point there is more pics of Cait & her so than Sam & MM. Cait is not hiding her relationship...he is with her at all industry events. Shippers need to accept reality.

Thanks for sharing your opinion and the information anon! After you let me know it existed, I found this picture on twitter:

Well hello there Tony! 

Someone also told me that the ES were saying that Cait had her wedding ring on which was why she was supposedly hiding her hand in one picture.

Well, this photo shows her left hand clearly. No ring on her ring finger:

via source

Cait looks like she has a pinky ring on but no wedding band on her ring finger.

Of course the ES will continue to spin their fake narrative. Undoubtedly they will say that Tony is there as her PA. She has a very heavy purse and he might have to hold it.😘

Undoubtedly they will come up with a fuzzy photo of a FauxHeadathat they will manipulate and turn into “faux Sam.”  All they need is a little cat hair and they are good to go!

Most likley Sam is somewhere else–possibly in the US with MM. I have no idea. But he isn’t with Cait. And Tony is not Cait’s PA. Tony is Cait’s romantic partner. It is crystal clear to fans who don’t have shipper rose colored glasses on.

The problem is the ES got themselves all worked up again by reading way too much into a promo video for a convention and a PR event for the T2 premiere. They misinterpreted the Popsugar article and Sam’s retweet of it and tried to pretend that the ES troll who had been exclaiming that was proof that Sam and Cait were a couple and who was blocked by Sam wasn’t “really” an ES. So they missed the message. They squeed when Sam interacted with three of the ES leaders but ignored the fact that he didn’t give into their request to post a lovey-dovey selfie with Cait.

They worked themselves into a frenzy by all of this while the rest of us just scratched our heads. And as the break continues more things will come out that will indicate that Sam and Cait aren’t a couple and then the ES will turn on Sam and Cait again and blame them for “leading them on.”

No. The ES lead themselves on. Over and over again. SMH

it breaks my heart to see people suffer dahil sa kalandian ng iba. whether they are in a relationship or taong pinaasa or taong nilandi lang tapos para ka lang tinapon na basura. you people should know that hindi biro yung ganun esp if your intention is not good and nakakasakit kayo. sobrang insensitive nyo naman ata to break someone’s heart na parang walang nangyari then you’ll jump to another girl or boy na makikilala mo. i know those kinds of shit is not part of my business, but please kung ganyan ugali nyo, di nyo na dapat pang ipagmalaki yun. anong nakakaproud sa palipat lipat ka ng taong kinakarelasyon, or let’s say sinasamahan, hinahalikan, sinesex without commitment. what’s so good about being a fuckboy or fuckgurl? i wish you all knew the consequences of that and i wish you all knew that you can get diseases sa ginagawa nyo. be a responsible person naman.

okay fine, do whatever you want sa buhay nyo pero jusko alam nyo na ngang mali, pinagmalaki nyo pa. kadiri ha.

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Silly PAs AU: Cat has some bad dates, so Kara vows to find someone better for her. She meets Jess while getting Cat's coffee, and they bond briefly over PA life and their bosses seeming frazzled lately. Lena visits CatCo, and her overt flirting with Kara goes straight over the PA's head. She just thinks, "What a woman", and conspires with Jess to set their bosses up on a date. But as Kara wingmans Lena, she keeps missing Lena's signals that she's way more interested in Kara.

Kara so wouldn’t notice!

Codex Dresden p. 60

The Codex Dresden / Dresdensis is one of only three surviving Maya manuscripts which date to before the Spanish conquest, likely between the 12th and 15th centuries. The codex depicts the religious beliefs of the Maya people and is written in a complex logosyllabographic script. 

The top image of this page depicts Pawhatun, wearing a tortoise shell, with two warriors wielding atlatls and darts. They are located on top of a platform containing a deer and a “hok-snared” glyph collocation. 

The accompanying text reads:

?? / / waxak-?-waj / ol / / ?-ha / / pa-wah-mak / / u-kab’-hi-tz’a-tan / ta / / tu-b’a-chaak? / cha-ki

On ? 8 Kumk’u Pawah-mak ?? under the auspices of ?? Chaak.

b’olon-ok-te’ / / ?? / / yah?-winik / winal-ki / / xul?-k’in-? / / tok’-pakal / / pa-wah-och

B’olon Yokte’ ? Damage to the people; end of days. Pawah-opossum’s flint-shield (warfare). 

The bottom image depicts a figure with a black stripe kneeling and supporting a throne on his shoulders. A figure rides the throne holding a spear and shield, accompanied by a fire serpent. The spear and shield designates this figure as a warrior and is read phonetically as tok’ pakal. The deity Xiuhtecuhtli stands next to this warrior, holding a spear tired to a captive with a dark black ring around his eye. 

The accompanying text reads: 

buluk-ahaw-ahaw-wa / / lahun-yax-k’in-ni / ne / / tzutz-yi / k’atun

The k’atun was completed on 10 Yaxk’in 11 Ahaw.

ah?-kimil-la / / yu-tun / ku’la’kab’ / nal? / ch’en?

The dead person; the shaking of the earth cave.

u-yax-k’’in-yu / / b’olon-ok-te’ / / ahaw-su-wa / / ya-ahaw-su

The first sun/day of the lord of Bolon Yokte’

yah?-winik / winal-ki / / yah?-kab’-ch’en?

Damage to the people, damage to the earth cave. 

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First impression: very good writer (comments and fic helped to broaden my knowledge a bit about what transgender people go through and the ideal support). Now: still the same + an individual I would adopt if we're in the same vicinity.

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aaaaaaahhhhhh oh my gosh that’s so sweet!!  there is nothing about this message that I do not love!  thank you!!