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pas de cheval // panic! at the disco

Emotions/Feelings in Korean~

Just another cute infographic I discovered! It’s always good to review and learn how to express yourself (in Korean!)~

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

행복해 (haeng bok hae) I’m happy
화가나 (hwa ga na) I’m angry
*궁금해 (goong geum hae) I’m curious
피곤해 (pi gon hae) I’m tired
짜증나 (jja jeung na) I’m annoyed
배고파 (bae go pa) I’m hungry
슬퍼 (seul peo) I’m sad
신난다 (shin nan da) I’m excited

*important tip!!!: “I’m curious” is 궁금해, NOT 금금해…금금해 is like saying: gold gold…verb

That is all c:

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

Person A is a big shot politician or business person (bonus points if they are a CEO) and Person B is their PA. And they go to a party for social networking and Person A is just dragging Person B around, complimenting them to everyone and talking about how amazing they are. And Person B is just blushing like crazy and can’t handle all the compliments and they are just so flattered.

Supercorp Fanfic REC List 2

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2.       Eyes Like Kryptonite by JediFighterPilot2727

        (Oneshot Collection/On-Going)

3.       It’s in the Stars (It’s been Written in the Scars/On our Hearts)

         by katevw8 (On-Going)

4.       May the Best Woman Win by lears_daughter (Oneshot,/Complete)

5.       How to Succeed in Business by automaticheartache (On-Going/PA! AU)

6.       You’re Never Alone, Lena by HEDA_OWNS_MY_SOUL (On-Going/AU)

7.       The Death of Supergirl by maggiemerc(On-Going)

8.       The Fear of Falling Apart by UglierSteak(On-Going/AU)

9.       I Always Want You by captain_golden(On-Going/HP! AU)

10.   Lipstick On Your Collar by Remyroo17(On-Going)

11.   Alone on a Balcony by serenityxdragon

       (Oneshot/Complete/Suicide attempt!Warning)

12.   i’ll crawl home to her. by blxxm(On-Going/Adoption AU)

13.   Kaleidoscopic Love by misssuchaflirt(On-Going/Soulmate AU)

14.   Blind Without Them by katfoxmandu(Oneshot Collection/On-Going)

15.   Doorstep Suprises by Vega_Tenala(On-Going/Baby! AU)





Well fellow CCers, the dreaded Halloween has come and gone.  As predicted a weekend full of stunts. But honestly, so much better than anticipated.  Before I start, I want to thank the amazing people in this fandom who put this all together. What I have to say is pieced together from so many things that were said by others. In particular @hopelesslydevotedshipping who really helped me to figure out the meaning behind Chris’ costume, @wishingonstarsanddaydreaming for making a critical connection. Also for multiple people who filled me in on Stranger Things especially @flowersintheattic254 and @lynn76

So Saturday night we get Chris and the PA going to the Strangerflings party dressed as characters from Aliens.    Absolutely brilliant.  Chris representing the frame to allow Darren to fight the evil queen alien.   And there is no question in my mind that Cabbage Patch Kid represented Darren. Yes, the brown curly hair can be attributed to the character in the movie.  But not the shoelaces (I am obsessed, I actually gasped loudly at my parents when I realized this and had no explanation that would make sense to them). And having Will play the part of the Evil Queen, fantastic use of the PA.

But there was one character missing. Where was the blonde girl the doll was protecting?  

Meanwhile, as Chris is partying at the same place as beardy (I hope she watched her drink all night), Darren was running around San Fran with a rainbow necklace with a Hedwig Shirt which was like a big flashing neon sign, look at me I am Darren Criss taking  lots of photos with boy after boy after boy.

Move on to Sunday.  For the second time in the four week run of Hedwig in San Fran, the return of the Col-Fur Joke.  But not just the Col-Fur joke as originally stated.  Darren being Darren, he had to change it.  Instead he said “MY CHRIS COL-FUR”  Could he be more blatant?  Or more possessive?  He is being very deliberate in choosing when to use the joke and in the words he is choosing to say.

And now Halloween night itself.  Last night Darren was crowned the King of the West Hollywood Parade.  And no surprise, his beloved of 109 years was by his side (dressed as a nerd, somehow I doubt that was her first choice).  He came dressed up like Eleven, a character from Stranger Things.  He actually put very little effort into the costume which I suppose can be attributed to having no time.  BUT he was making a statement in his choice of character. Make no mistake about that.  A character who also happens to be a Little Blonde Girl.  

What I have been told about Eleven: Eleven is someone who was kept captive by people who abused and controlled her,  who escapes but then sacrifices herself for to her friends.   Eleven is also a character that struggles to communicate.  At the beginning she has no voice at all and has to be kept hidden.

Wow, doesn’t that sound familiar?  A character who had no voice?  Who was kept captive by people who abused and controlled her? And Darren made the choice to play the character as she was in the beginning of the series.  She actually becomes much stronger and tries to fight the government forces.  

In and of itself, the choice of Eleven speaks strongly. There are so many parallels to Darren’s actual life and how he has been essentially held captive in so many ways, forced to hide a large part of himself, having to lock away his true self.  And make no mistake, Darren has been very abused by so many in his life.  And so many times has lost his ability to speak and communicate.  But he is talking now.  And he is talking loudly.

But what makes this costume truly brilliant is how it circles back to Chris and his choice on Saturday.  Because we now have the Blonde Girl that is being protected. And I think the point is, Darren has to be the hero to save himself. No one else, not even Chris, can do it for him.  He has to be the one.  And he is trying.  And he is fighting. And he is talking.

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Washette got caught while in a dressing room at the mall ;;;) the kids are prob like: where'd pa and dad go


Quand c’est l’ouverture d’Astérix et que tu te mets à pousser tout le monde (petits, grands, vieux) pour arriver à Oziris.

(When the amusement park opens and you push anyone out of your way to be the first in the ride.)

Other useful phrases/words in Korean

Stop- 그만해 (geu-man-hae)
Don’t do it - 하지마 (ha-Ji-ma)
Up/over- 위에 (wii-ae)
Down/under- 아래 (ah-rae)
Left- 왼쪽 (when-jjok)
Right- 오른쪽 (oh-reun-jjok)
Next- <as in something is next to you>옆에 (yup-ae)

I’m hungry
나 배고파
(Na bae-go-pa)

Me/I/I’m - 나 (na)
You- 너 (neo)

Let’s go

I’m scared
나 무서워
(Na moo-Seo-wo)

Pretty- 예쁘다 (ee-bbeu-da)
Not pretty- 안 예쁘다 (ahn ee-bbeu-da)
***** for the pretty and not pretty I know it’s “supposed” to sound like (yae-bbeu-da) but Korean ppl just say how I romanized it:)

Like always, any of you guys are welcomed to ask me more words/phrases;)