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A Personal Connection

Author: @sebastianstandoffish

Pairing: Reader (She/Her) x Bucky Barnes

Summary: Bucky may or may not have a crush on Steve’s PA.

Word Count: 5,551

Category: Fluff/Very light smut

Warnings: Cursing (per usual), some smutty stuff but not all that explicit, etc.

A/N: A whole month! Time really flies. This was going to include more explicit smut scenes in it, but, after some deliberation, I’ve decided to put that into a separate work. It’ll be a continuation of this with actual smut in it. Hopefully the separation doesn’t disrupt too much and also allows readers that a) don’t enjoy reading explicit smut and b) don’t connect with an explicitly biologically female reader can still enjoy the story. Thank you for reading and understanding!

She had started out as a way to appease Tony, who had insisted that Steve needed a personal assistant. Stark blathered on and on about how much his life had changed after getting a PA and how maybe a little help with coordinating and the day to day tasks would “remove the stick from that star-spangled ass.”  

So, Steve had caved and asked Pepper to set up a couple of interviews with people interested in the job. After a parade of ecstatic fans and sexual propositions, he was just about ready to give up.

Instead, at the end of a very long day of being ogled and fawned over, (Y/N) had appeared with a rose-scented resume and two popsicles she’d bought from the street-vendor outside the Tower. Her smile was sweet and her eyes kind, a little wide at the opulence of the Stark equipment, but not predatory like the previous applicants.

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                     y o u    a r e    t h e        u n i v e r s e       I    a m    h e l p l e s s   i n 


pas de cheval // panic! at the disco

Emotions/Feelings in Korean~

Just another cute infographic I discovered! It’s always good to review and learn how to express yourself (in Korean!)~

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

행복해 (haeng bok hae) I’m happy
화가나 (hwa ga na) I’m angry
*궁금해 (goong geum hae) I’m curious
피곤해 (pi gon hae) I’m tired
짜증나 (jja jeung na) I’m annoyed
배고파 (bae go pa) I’m hungry
슬퍼 (seul peo) I’m sad
신난다 (shin nan da) I’m excited

*important tip!!!: “I’m curious” is 궁금해, NOT 금금해…금금해 is like saying: gold gold…verb

That is all c:

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

Tama na Jollibee. (TT A TT)
Inspired from all Jollibee Valentines advertisement. Right in the feels.

English Subbed advertisements: Date , Vow 

Love is so complex, yet so simple.  Love has many forms.
Happy Valentines Day everyone! ^_^

i wish i could make high-quality gifs or draw beautiful art or write amazing fanfiction but really all my contributions to a fandom lie in shitposting

Let’s be history detectives...

As I’ve been posting old photos from my collection on here and my personal blog I’ve mentioned a few times that my favorite thing in the world is to buy historical photos/albums/diaries/etc. with little or no identification and try to track down clues about them.

I’ve received a few PMs (and get questioned often in real life) as to how I go about this, so I thought I would document the project I’m working on today to give people a basic idea of my process.


is this “A Line A Day” five year diary which covers the years 1933-1937.

I’ve featured it before on Ye Olde News for it’s page of “Nothing Special” entries.

The diary has no name in it and the majority of the entries are incredibly vague such as “I went downtown” or “It snowed today”.

Let’s see what we can find out.

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King Jinheung: a day in the life

Mother: rejected him and kept him away from the throne

Best friend: rejected him and vowed to kill him

Crush: likes his best friend

Fiancée: also likes said best friend

Friend#1: likes him mom

Friend#2: is the son of his archenemy

Friend#3: doesn’t give a shit about all of this because he’s beautiful

Generals: watch him suspiciously

Subjects: also prefer his best friend

Hwarangs: will probably side with his best friend

Hwarang Boss: used to like him but now probably prefers the best friend

But, Pa Oh: “you go, your majesty!”

Mama, rešila sam da danas budem skroz iskrena.“ "Ako, ćerko. Dobra je iskrenost.” “Presoljen ti je ovaj kačamak.” “Ako ti se ne sviđa uzmi i pravi sama!” “Ali, mama, samo sam bila iskrena. Rekla si da je to dobra stvar.” “Ako nemaš da kažeš ništa lepo, nemoj ništa govoriti.”
“I, kako ti se sviđaju ove čizmice? Juče sam ih kupila”, pitala me je Marija čim me je ugledala. “Pa, iskreno, meni se baš i ne sviđaju. Suviše šljašte za moj ukus.” “Lepo kažeš. Za tvoj ukus. Meni su prelepe”, odsečno reče i ubrza korak.
“Tijana, izađi da odgovaraš.” “Nisam spremna, profesorka.” “A zašto, moliću?” “Bila sam preumorna, nisam mogla da se fokusiram.” “Kakav je to odgovor? Mogla si barem izmisliti neki bolji razlog!” “Ali, profesorka, rekli ste da cenite iskrenost, i da će nam, ako budemo iskreni, nespremnost biti oproštena.” “Sedi, jedan.”
“Samo da si videla kakav je Mesi go zabio! Ma ne go, golčinu! Pa ceo stadion mu je skandirao, čak se i naša zgrada orila. A tek ono dodavanje, pa s razlogom je najbolji!” “Dušo, sve je to super, ali mene zaista ne zanima fudbal, niti znam išta o njemu.” “I ko posle koga ne sluša?! Ja tebe ispoštujem svaki put, makar se pravi, ako ništa!” “Ali ja pričam o onom korisnom za oboje.” “Pa i ovo je korisno! Pokušavam da te informišem, da ti pokažem koliko je fudbal u stvari zanimljiv! Ma, neću ni da se trudim, ne zanimaš me.”
“Opet mi se javio. Šta da radim?” “Ne odgovaraj. Ne moraš da potrčiš svaki put kad ti se obrati. Hajde, Ivana, možeš ti i bolje.” “Ali ja njega volim.” “Kakve to sad veze ima? Koliko puta on tebi nije odgovorio i šta sve..” “Ne pričaj tako o njemu! Nije on toliko loš. Odgovoriću mu.”
“Tijana, zanima me tvoje mišljenje o ovom teksu.” “Ne, tata, nemoj molim te. Dobro je, sigurno je dobro.” “Čemu takva reakcja, mila?” “Iskrenost je precenjena. Ceo dan pričam samo istinu i svi se ljute na mene, a ovako pričaju kako ne treba da ih lažem.” “Vole ljudi iskrenost, ali samo onda kad im se istina sviđa.” “Ali to onda nije iskrenost..” “Za njih jeste, dokle god im pričaš ono što žele da čuju. Nije stvar u istini, već u ljudima. Kad im kažeš istinu koju ne žele da čuju, misle da si ljubomoran, da im želiš zlo, jednostavno je tako u ljudskoj prirodi. Ali, ne očajavaj, nisu svi takvi, treba naći one koji će shvatiti da i kritikom želiš da im pomogneš. Teško ih je pronaći, jer su to najbolji ljudi, oni će ti uvek dati istinu za istinu. Zato, ćero, nastavi da budeš iskrena. Dobra je to stvar.

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MR Anon: Oh man, that scene where Satine has to go have dinner/sleep with a client and Christian gets jealous becomes so much /sadder/ when applied to Michael and Jeremy. Michael's desperate little "No! No..." and when Jeremy's about to walk off. Just. The sweet boy has suffered so much. LET HIM LOVE AND BE LOVED

Oh good you have returned to spoil me some more //rubs hands together


Just like…the squip realizing what’s going on is like “Shit I HAVE to get those two away from each other” so he just starts making Jeremy work more and sends him more clients and Michael just has to stand there and watch as the love of his life spends the night with somebody else ;m; And Jeremy wants to quit and run away with Michael but he’s binded under legal contract and if he tries to leave the squip has ways of getting him back…and also the squip blackmails Jeremy and says if he tries to leave or break off his engagement with Christine he’ll kill Michael and Jeremy’s like “UM NO THANK YOU” so Jeremy is also suffering, especially when he has to see that heartbroken and purely devastated look on Michael’s face. It’s enough to make him cry himself to sleep and it hurts because he loves Michael SO MUCH but there’s nothing he can do and Michael wants to rescue Jeremy but there’s nothing HE can do so it’s all just full of angst and ouch my fragile little heart has just shattered thaNK YOU SO MUCH

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” FUCK ME U P

Little Ham Man (Small!Hamilsquad x Reader) Part 18

A/N: after so long, I’ve finally finished. enjoy lol

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“Where’s Lafayette?” You asked immediately. She pointed to your shared room with him. You ran there, seeing Lafayette’s head in his hands. He looked up when you approached, his eyes watery. Before you could say anything, he pulled you into his arms. You heard a small whimper come from his throat. You tightened your hold around his neck, saying nothing.

“Y/N, Y/N, I’m so sorry, Jen and I weren’t paying attention. We should have done something, anything to stop this-" 

"Gilbert. Stop. It’s not your fault. We’ll find them, okay? We’ll save them.” You touched his hair softly. He shook his head, too choked up to give you a response. You closed your eyes, trying to hold in your sobs.

You heard footsteps by the door, and tried to turn your body. But Lafayette was clutching onto it too hard. You open your eyes, able to turn your head in the direction of the noise. Thomas was standing there, his hand on Jenny’s shoulder.

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