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pas de cheval // panic! at the disco


bon c’est pas souvent que je fais ça mais c’est l’instant pub les enfants. Pour ceux qui connaissent pas je vais vous parler d’une appli que j’ai découvert c’est Too Good To Go.

En gros c’est des commerçants qui vendent leurs invendus à mini prix afin de lutter contre le gaspillage. On passe commande sur l’appli (le matin de préférence car ça part vite) et on vient à l’heure indiquée chercher sa bouffe, il faut juste amener un sac et une boîte de préférence (pour éviter le gaspillage de sacs plastiques). Y en a dans beaucoup de villes et l’appli vous indique les commerces participants les plus proches de chez vous.

Regardez ce que j’ai eu aujourd’hui pour 3 euros :

En terme de prix classique, on serait sur un peu plus de sept euros normalement. Aujourd’hui j’ai pris du sucré mais on peut aussi avoir du salé, des boissons ou des mélanges ! Beaucoup de boulangeries le font, mais pas seulement. Des restaurants, des épiciers ou même de plus grosses enseignes comme Baggelstein ou U Express. Franchement ça vaut le coup surtout pour moi qui suis étudiante et souvent fauchée. Et il est aussi possible sinon pour deux euros de participation de collecter les invendus pour les sans-abris !


                     y o u    a r e    t h e        u n i v e r s e       I    a m    h e l p l e s s   i n 

Emotions/Feelings in Korean~

Just another cute infographic I discovered! It’s always good to review and learn how to express yourself (in Korean!)~

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

행복해 (haeng bok hae) I’m happy
화가나 (hwa ga na) I’m angry
*궁금해 (goong geum hae) I’m curious
피곤해 (pi gon hae) I’m tired
짜증나 (jja jeung na) I’m annoyed
배고파 (bae go pa) I’m hungry
슬퍼 (seul peo) I’m sad
신난다 (shin nan da) I’m excited

*important tip!!!: “I’m curious” is 궁금해, NOT 금금해…금금해 is like saying: gold gold…verb

That is all c:

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

[don’t reblag please!]

Hey, the funding came through!

For months now there’s been all this stuff kind of hovering around that I couldn’t quite get a handle on, and there was a very real chance that I was going to come out of this with no job and no visa and have to leave the country, but now things are all snapping into place. Lots and lots of minor logistical nightmares ahead (why does my lease expire two days before my commencement ceremony?), but here’s what’s up:

  • I applied for two dream jobs. They’re both temporary (one nine months, one twelve), but both are extremely prestigious, both involve being able to continue my current research that uses AI techniques to study tornadoes… and both involve working with scientists I know and respect and whose company I very much enjoy.
  • I’ve officially heard back that the twelve-month job is funded, and it’s funded by the same federal source as the nine-month job, which suggests to me that I may have both.
  • I have confirmation that I if I get both jobs, I can keep both jobs. I can move to the site of the twelve-month job, they’ll give me an office, and I can work remotely there for the first nine months on job #1, then transfer after that for a year at job #2 without having to so much as change cubicles.
  • There’s availability in a fantastic apartment complex within walking distance of said office. I told the landlord the name of the guy who referred me, and she immediately remembered his name after three years, asked if he was still working on [research project] with [advisor], and how his old roommate was doing. So that’s a pretty darn good sign.
  • Salary-wise, both jobs are a major, major bump over my PhD stipend. Health insurance is included.
  • My would-be bosses for both jobs are perfectly fine with sending me to Croatia in September to give a presentation at an international conference.
  • My job description will be research, but I’ll be at one of the two major worldwide hubs in my field, so my other job is going to be networking. Coincidentally, one of my best friends, who also happens to be one of the greatest social bridges in our field, is going to be moving out there around the same time I do.
  • Essentially? I get almost two years of guaranteed funding to work on a project I’m passionate about while I look for and apply for faculty jobs.
  • What the heck!!!

So, again, things are still up in the air in a lot of respects, but the stumbling blocks are almost all minor logistical things that’ll have to work themselves out one way or another. Holy crap. 

I’m feeling pretty dang lucky right now.

Tama na Jollibee. (TT A TT)
Inspired from all Jollibee Valentines advertisement. Right in the feels.

English Subbed advertisements: Date , Vow 

Love is so complex, yet so simple.  Love has many forms.
Happy Valentines Day everyone! ^_^

i wish i could make high-quality gifs or draw beautiful art or write amazing fanfiction but really all my contributions to a fandom lie in shitposting

anonymous asked:

I love when you and Jack play together, you guys are like complete opposites in terms of volume. It's so much fun to watch. Do you have a favorite multiplayer game?

Haha, yeah, it’s a weird contrast alright, I always feel a little bad because I almost feel like I’m bringing him down :P

As multiplayer games go, hard to say.. I rarely play multiplayer at all, since most people in online games seem to enjoy being annoying pieces of assholes (but calling it trolling), which isn’t a form of entertainment I enjoy. So it’s hard to say! I like cooperative games where there’s progress overtime, like Don’t Starve, or IF ONLY.. Subnautica had multiplayer :P

Soeaking of, I really enjoy watching multiplayer games a lot! Watched a lot of The Yogscast and HatFilms old Minecraft series.. And I kinda wanted to try Super Bunny Man with Jack, after having watched HatFilms play here. Love the dumb kicking and just weird physics and nonsense fighting :P